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How to Contact Us

Most people prefer IMs, as they're easy and directly in Second Life. Longer or offline messages are best done through email. Notecards are not preferred. Even if IMs are capped, SL will send the message to email and can be referred to there.

  • If you need general support, or have general questions or bugs, please contact:
    Lupey Severine
    ⚠ [[hidden-email:yhcrl@frnjbys-zbafgref.pbz]]
  • If you have questions or comments about the scripts, animations, or web work (including HUD and Recovery sign communications), please contact:
    Stickman Ingmann
    ⚠ [[hidden-email:fgvpxzna@frnjbys-zbafgref.pbz]]
  • If you have issues with prim or texture work, please contact:
    Verkin Raven
    ⚠ [[hidden-email:irexva@frnjbys-zbafgref.pbz]]

Please note that you must have javascript enabled to view these email addresses. They are obfuscated as a spam defense measure.

Contacting Us Inworld

When you are IMing us, please use the following polite tactics:

  • Place your whole message in one IM. Please do not send a "hello" message to see if we're online, as this quickly fills up our IM cap if we're offline. Simply type out your entire question (you have 1023 characters to use, so type away!) and we will respond to you when we're able.
  • Even if we're online, we may be busy. If we're deep in concentration on a project or otherwise engaged, we may miss or be unable to respond to your IM. If you do not receive a notice that we're offline, please be patient and we will respond to your question when we're able.

If you're having trouble reaching us, or our profile page says we're on an extended absence, please make an extra effort to use email. If all else fails, try writing your question in an inworld notecard and dropping it into our profile page so it's transferred to us.

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Page last modified on October 19, 2011, at 12:09 PM