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07122012-The Good The Bad And The Future

July 12th, 2012


Seawolf has been rather quiet, publicly, for some time. I'd like to let everyone know what's going on and what's planned.

As many of you know, the Seawolf dragons and gryphon were a joint effort created by Stickman Ingmann (me) and Verkin Raven. Stickman doing scripts and animations, and Verkin doing the models and textures.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, not all partnerships last forever, especially in business. Several months ago, Verkin and I went our separate ways. We've decided that we won't be releasing any new products under the Seawolf brand name, but we haven't left Second Life!

The Good News

Stickman Ingmann and Verkin Raven are still creating things in Second Life! We're just working on our own separate projects.

Verkin's preference is to be quiet about the project he's working on, but if you loved his work on the dragon and gryphon, you'll know whatever he's making is going to be top quality.

Stickman will be working under the brand name Roarbeast from here forward. Go ahead and click it, there's a little webpage up with information about what he's working on!

And if you feel so inclined, you can join the Roarbeast group in Second Life!

What About Seawolf?

What does this mean for the dragon and gryphon avatars? Well, not too much has changed, actually! I'm sure everyone's familiar with the 1.3 dragon update last Chinese New Year that allows the head to move on the end of the neck. That was finished after Verkin and I stopped working together. A couple other bug fixes for the dragon also followed, as can be seen on the Release Notes page.

I can't promise complete overhauls in future updates for either avatar, but I can promise continued support and updates as long as time and resources allow for it. Verkin and I are very proud of the avatars we created, and we'd like to make sure people can continue using them.

A number of people have been asking about the gryphon cub, too. Unfortunately, the gryphon cub is on indefinite hold. That is to say, I would love to finish it and it makes me sad that I cannot, but the time and resources to get it done under the current circumstances just aren't there.

Weekly Q&A

In an effort to avoid future long stretches of silence, promote better communication, and get people's questions answered, I'll be hosting a weekly question and answer meeting. Seawolf questions are quite welcome, though officially I'll be running it under Roarbeast.

My current plan is to host an hour meeting this Friday night around 8pm Saturday, the 14th, at noon SL time, but it may change depending on when the most people who want to attend are available. Remember that poll system I made a while back? It's received a little under-the-hood upgrade and I'll be passing it out again so I can get feedback on projects, meeting times, etc.

You can check the notices tab of the Seawolf group to get a copy of the voting poll. Or you can stop by Aggro to use the copy rezzed inworld. You can also bug a friend that has a copy and they pass one to you.

So come to the meeting if you can! And in either case, feel free to use the poll system to provide feedback about hot topics. I look forward to seeing you!

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Page last modified on July 13, 2012, at 01:09 PM