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06012011-Seawolf State Of Affairs

Seawolf State of Affairs

Happy 2011!

The Seawolf Dragons were released in October 1st, 2008. It's been over two years since then. There hasn't been a lot of noise from Seawolf, just an update on the dragons shortly after release, and another update in June of 2010.

So let me outline what's been going on the past two plus years.

Seawolf is made up of Stickman Ingmann and Verkin Raven. Stickman does the animations and scripts, and Verkin does the models and textures. The dragons were released shortly after summer 2008, at the start of sophomore year of college at DigiPen for Stickman. Then when the junior/senior summer of 2009 rolled around, Seawolf started work on our next avatar. Unfortunately, it didn't get finished before senior year started up, and Stickman was unable to continue working on it with his rigorous college schedule.

On May 1st, 2010, Stickman graduated from DigiPen. The next two months were spent on finishing an update to the dragons that had been in the works for over a year during "free time" while at college, as well as some time spent in summer 2009. The update made the dragons much more efficient, as is explained on the Release Notes page.

After the dragon update, work continued on our next avatar. Since it's been so long, we've done our best to raise the avatar up to our new standards, while building a scripting system that can be used as a base for all our future avatars. We've improved on the livery or colorization system, and have worked to make things as clean, beautiful, and efficient as possible.

Since our internal release dates for this avatar have gone from September 2009 to September 2010 to November 2010 to Christmas 2010 and beyond, we've decided that it's best to work off an event based calender rather than a time based. Happily, many tasks are marked as finished, and a few only need minor touches or fixes. Very few tasks are still incomplete, and almost every task has had at least some work done on it. We have some internal dates we're aiming for, but the official release date is "when it's done." We don't wish to sacrifice quality, but we understand the need to actually finish the avatar at some point. One of the reasons this avatar has taken so long is we're working on that scripting foundation that will let us create other avatars faster once this one is finished.

In the coming weeks we plan to release more information about the avatar. From screenshots to documentation to demonstration videos. We're excited to finally be sharing some information with everyone, and hope that everyone finds it to their liking.

Stickman Ingmann, Verkin Raven
Seawolf Monsters
January 6th, 2011

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