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Welcome to the Seawolf Knowledge Base! This page contains only short answers. For the long answers, generally including a step-by-step process please click [More] or the question.

Avatar Knowledgebase

Dragon Issues

Q: How do I shoot fireballs, or spit fire breath?
A: Go into mouselook and left click, or click and hold. |More|

Q: Why is the v1.3 neck attachment aligned wrong?
A: Your viewer is incompatible. You'll need to edit a file. |More|

Q: My saddle isn't working!
A: Rez it then sit on it. |More|

Q: My HUD is misaligned, or completely off screen! How do I fix this?
A: If you're asking, you'll want the long answer. Click onward, please. |More|

Q: While I'm waiting for you to add a toggle, how do I disable the breath and fireball?
A: Delete the "fireball_control" script in the head. |More|

Q: When I wear my head/headdress/neck/jaw it's not aligned with the rest of my neck/head pieces!?
A: Fly and land to sync the up/down state of the head/neck pieces, even if it was manually moved out of place. |More?|

Q: When I wear a headdress it says I'm wearing it but it doesn't show up.?
A: Make sure you're wearing a headdress for your dragon size. |More?|

Q: I heard a rumor that you copied these dragons from Horizons. Is that true?
A: No. Please see Virtrium's press release. |More|

Q: When is that one bug going to be fixed?
A: If the bug is not listed on the Known Bugs page, please Contact Us! |More|

Q: When is feature such-and-such going to be added? (eg, juvenile saddle, walking saddle, etc)?
A: If it is not already there, please add it to the Feature Requests page. |More?|

Gryphon Knowledgebase

(This will be updated further after the first patch has been sent out.)

Deformation Issues

Q: I'm sunk into the ground! How do I fix this?
A: Teleport a couple sims away and back. Otherwise, change your avatar's shape while undeformed. |More|

Q: I look fine on my screen. Why are my friends laughing and saying I look like a giant stickfigure??
A: Use the Undeformer whenever you take the dragon off. |More?|

Buying and Upgrading Seawolf Avatars

Q: I've lost some or all of my avatar! How do I recover it?
A: Teleport to Aggro here: SLurl and click on the Recovery sign. |More|

Q: I want to buy an avatar for someone else. How do I do so?
A: At Aggro, click on the "gift" button on the vendor, follow instructions. |More|

Q: How do I know I have the newest version of the avatar?
A: You'll know when it's not. |More|

Q: Can I have an avatar for free?
A: Sorry, no. |More|

Q: Can my purchase be changed to an alt account I have?
A: Unfortunately not. There is no way to verify an alt account. |More|

Q: How do I get the biped/anthro version of the dragon or gryphon?
A: It comes free with any quadruped you purchase. |More|

Boat Knowledgebase

Boat Issues

Q: I'm sitting in the boat, why isn't it driving?
A: Type "/start" and "ph" into chat and try again. |More|

Q: I stood up, and half my boat disappeared!
A: You're in nobuild land or the parcel doesn't support the prims required to rez it. |More|

Q: Your boats make me look fat!
A: Try adding vertical stripes. |More|

Q: I stood up, and half the boat is glued to my hips!
A: You're in noscript land. Right click on it and select "unattach." |More|

Q: Why did my belt/tail/accessory get unattached after using your boat?
A: Our attachment boats use the "pelvis" slot. Attach accessories to the "stomach" slot instead. |More|

Q: Why do I keep running into things I can't see?
A: Drive slower to allow things to load. |More|

Q: When I'm driving the SWC, SW-320, or Tetra 35, the boat disappears in mouselook!?
A: Edit -> Preferences -> Input & Camera -> Show Avatar in Mouselook |More?|

Q: My boat periodically falls underwater. Why is this??
A: Simborders. |More?!

Q: Why is it that when I sit in your boat, I'm poised at a very strange angle??
A: Disable your Animation Overrider (AO). |More?|

Q: All else has failed--it just won't work! What do I do now?
A: Try it later, somewhere else. |More|

Other Knowledgebase

Business Related

Q: Can you customize the product I purchased from you?
A: Probably not, sorry. |More|

Q: Are you available for contract work?
A: If you're serious, convince us. |More|

Q: Can you give or sell me any or part of the scripts Seawolf uses??
A: No. |More?|

Q: Will you hire me??
A: Sorry, no. |More?|

Other Issues

Q: My inventory items aren't wearable/rezzable! Fireballs, boat attachments, or other items aren't rezzing!
A: Try again later. |More|

Q: I found a bug! How do I report it??
A: Please, Contact Us! |More?|

Q: You left your stuff on my property! Please clean it up.?
A: Please make sure you're looking at the owner and not the creator. |More?|

Q: Can I add you to my friend's list?
A: Sorry, but no. |More|

Q: How do I encourage Linden Lab to add features or fix bugs that would help avatar developers?
A: Vote for positive Jira issues! |More|

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