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Dragon Issues

Q: How do I shoot fireballs, or spit fire breath?
A: Go into mouselook and left click, or click and hold. |More|

Q: Why is the v1.3 neck attachment aligned wrong?
A: Your viewer is incompatible. You'll need to edit a file. |More|

Q: My saddle isn't working!
A: Rez it then sit on it. |More|

Q: My HUD is misaligned, or completely off screen! How do I fix this?
A: If you're asking, you'll want the long answer. Click onward, please. |More|

Q: While I'm waiting for you to add a toggle, how do I disable the breath and fireball?
A: Delete the "fireball_control" script in the head. |More|

Q: When I wear my head/headdress/neck/jaw it's not aligned with the rest of my neck/head pieces!?
A: Fly and land to sync the up/down state of the head/neck pieces, even if it was manually moved out of place. |More?|

Q: When I wear a headdress it says I'm wearing it but it doesn't show up.?
A: Make sure you're wearing a headdress for your dragon size. |More?|

Q: I heard a rumor that you copied these dragons from Horizons. Is that true?
A: No. Please see Virtrium's press release. |More|

Q: When is that one bug going to be fixed?
A: If the bug is not listed on the Known Bugs page, please Contact Us! |More|

Q: When is feature such-and-such going to be added? (eg, juvenile saddle, walking saddle, etc)?
A: If it is not already there, please add it to the Feature Requests page. |More?|

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Page last modified on February 01, 2012, at 07:56 PM