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Buying and Upgrading Seawolf Avatars

Q: I've lost some or all of my avatar! How do I recover it?
A: Teleport to Aggro here: SLurl and click on the Recovery sign. |More|

Q: I want to buy an avatar for someone else. How do I do so?
A: At Aggro, click on the "gift" button on the vendor, follow instructions. |More|

Q: How do I know I have the newest version of the avatar?
A: You'll know when it's not. |More|

Q: Can I have an avatar for free?
A: Sorry, no. |More|

Q: Can my purchase be changed to an alt account I have?
A: Unfortunately not. There is no way to verify an alt account. |More|

Q: How do I get the biped/anthro version of the dragon or gryphon?
A: It comes free with any quadruped you purchase. |More|

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