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Boat Issues-Not Moving

Q: I'm sitting in the boat, why isn't it driving?

There are four main things that will cause a boat to not move properly.

1. The boat is not turned on.

All powerboats except the SWC3 will automatically engage the engine when the driver sits down. The boat's engine may have been disengaged by typing "/stop" into the chat, or clicking on the boat to bring up the dialog menu and clicking the "stop" button in the upper left of the dialog menu. Note: The Cobra G2 has no off switch, nor dialog menu. You must stand up to disengage the engine.

If your avatar is sitting in front of the steering wheel but has their hands in their lap, then the engine is turned off. If their hands are on the steering wheel, and you can hear the engine idle noise, the engine is on and you can skip to section two.

To turn the boat's engine on, you can do one of two things:

a) Type /start into any chat receptacle. Note that you must say it in local chat, as IMs cannot be heard by the boat. You may even shout if you so feel the need, but speaking will suffice.

b) Click on the boat or type menu into local chat to bring up the dialog menu.

Click on "Start" in the upper left corner of the dialog menu. If the upper left corner says "Stop," then the boat is currently running.

2. You are not in the driver's seat.

In an effort to make our earlier boats look more natural and visually pleasing, we opted not to create "pose balls" and to instead allow people to sit directly on the seat they wanted to use.

Watch as I casually right click on the boat and sit on it by choosing the "Board" option:

Oh no! I've sat in one of the two lounge seats up front! How relaxing!

To verify that you are indeed in the driver's seat, click on the boat or type menu into local chat to bring up the dialog menu. The options Start/Stop and Phantom are only visible when a driver is present. Note: It is planned to allow setting phantom without a driver in the next version.

In order to ensure that you sit in the driver's seat, the safest place to click is the hull of the boat.

3. You have a shield/flight enhancement/anti-bump object worn that is preventing movement.

There are a variety of shields, flight enhancers, advanced AOs, anti-push/bump tools, and other gadgets out there. Some of them do not behave well when they're engaged while driving a vehicle. If you're having a problem with the boat, please detach or disable whatever extra tools you have floating around to make sure they're not an issue.

To detach a HUD object, simply right click on it and select "detach."

4. The boat is caught on a prim.

If you don't rez the boat over open water, it's possible it could end up rezzing partially inside another object.

If you turn the engine on while the boat is like this, Second Life's physics engine will become angry and attempt to violently remove the two objects from each other, sometimes resulting in a free trip to the moon.

Before engaging the engine, move the boat out of the other object. Do this by first right clicking on the boat to bring up the pie menu. Then selecting Edit.

This will bring up the movement arrows. Click and hold on one, then drag it to pull the boat out of the interpenetrating object.

Press the Esc key a time or two to exit Edit mode.

Alternatively, you can get in the boat and type ph into local chat to enable phantom mode and allow the boat to pass through the offending object. For more information on phantom mode, please see the general support article titled Phantom Vehicles.

If these did not help, please check the Knowledge Base article titled When All Else Fails.

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Page last modified on May 13, 2008, at 12:28 AM