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Boat Issues-Disappearing Boat

Q:I stood up, and half my boat disappeared!

Note: This issue is specific to the SWC and SWC3.

Because of the way attachment vehicles work, when the driver stands up the boat needs to rez a new copy of the boat's detail object. There are two reasons a boat would be unable to rez a new detail object.

1) The parcel is nobuild land.

This is a fairly common problem, as much of Second Life is nobuild to prevent people from using it as a sandbox and keep prim litter down.

You can see if a parcel is nobuild by standing on the parcel and checking the list of icons in the top center of the menu bar.

If the land is group owned, you can be a member of the group that owns it and activate yourself as a member of that group before rezzing your boat.

This is done by going to the menu Edit -> Groups, clicking on the group that owns the land, and clicking Activate.

If you are not a member of the group that owns the land and you need to be, contact a leader of the group regarding membership.

Otherwise, just move the boat to a different parcel that doesn't have the nobuild icon.

Also, you can manually equip the boat attachment if you've worn it once before. Just open your inventory, navigate to Objects, right click on the attachment object and select Wear.

Attach:manually-wearing.jpg Δ

2) The parcel does not have enough available prims

To check how many prims a parcel has available, be within the parcel's boundaries and click the menu World -> About Land.

Attach:world-aboutland.jpg Δ

Then click on the Objects tab, the third one in from the left. This window shows how the prim information you need to know for the parcel.

Attach:prims-available.jpg Δ

Attached objects do not take up object space on a parcel.

If you have control over the parcel, returning unnecessary prims, or reworking your builds to be more prim efficient may alleviate this problem.

This issue is related to the Non-Disappearing Boat issue.

If this did not help, please check the Knowledge Base article titled When All Else Fails.


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Page last modified on May 13, 2008, at 10:10 PM