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Boat Issues

Q: I'm sitting in the boat, why isn't it driving?
A: Type "/start" and "ph" into chat and try again. |More|

Q: I stood up, and half my boat disappeared!
A: You're in nobuild land or the parcel doesn't support the prims required to rez it. |More|

Q: Your boats make me look fat!
A: Try adding vertical stripes. |More|

Q: I stood up, and half the boat is glued to my hips!
A: You're in noscript land. Right click on it and select "unattach." |More|

Q: Why did my belt/tail/accessory get unattached after using your boat?
A: Our attachment boats use the "pelvis" slot. Attach accessories to the "stomach" slot instead. |More|

Q: Why do I keep running into things I can't see?
A: Drive slower to allow things to load. |More|

Q: When I'm driving the SWC, SW-320, or Tetra 35, the boat disappears in mouselook!?
A: Edit -> Preferences -> Input & Camera -> Show Avatar in Mouselook |More?|

Q: My boat periodically falls underwater. Why is this??
A: Simborders. |More?!

Q: Why is it that when I sit in your boat, I'm poised at a very strange angle??
A: Disable your Animation Overrider (AO). |More?|

Q: All else has failed--it just won't work! What do I do now?
A: Try it later, somewhere else. |More|

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