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Release Notes

Seawolf Gryphon v1.3
Released February 4th, 2015


  • Autoupdater version incremented.
  • Unpacker uses a chat message to direct you to the dialog window that pops up.

Bug Fixes

  • Wings and arms do not always switch transparency when changing between fly and land.

Seawolf Gryphon v1.2
Release November 14th, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • New anti-sink deformation that deforms mSkull and reverses the sinking problem.
  • New undeformer that undeforms the unrigged mSkull and toe bones.

Seawolf Gryphon v1.1
Released June 25th, 2011

New Features

  • The bodyparts that the livery script looks for is no longer stored in the name of the livery script, but in the name of a notecard in the inventory. This allows people to customize the bodyparts that appear on a given attachment, since they could not edit the name of the livery script.
  • The sound script now accept "L" as a multiplier value. This will cause the sound to be looped, rather than multiplied. See the Gestures Page for more information.
  • The sound script now accepts SND:STOP in order to stop any sound it is playing. Intended for looping sounds.

Bug Fixes

  • When glow or alpha is changed on the custom coat/livery HUD, the wings and arms no longer have transparent pieces after flying and landing.
  • Loading a saved coat will no longer corrupt the internal coat storage in the HUD, causing the coat to save as black.
  • All animation twitches after idle animations play have been fixed.
  • Removing a bodypart from an attachment (such as all wing fluff from wing arms) will no longer cause the livery script to apply the livery wrong and throw an error.

Not as Critical

  • The saddle will now rez when the saddle button on the usage HUD is clicked.
  • Voicechat gestures are now using the correct gesture channel and voicechat activation command: /47974CMD:JV00
  • Linkset changes on almost all bodyparts will now correctly trigger a recount. Linking things to the avatar should no longer require resetting the scripts after doing so.
  • Default neck shape is properly set to bare, so the sculpt doesn't fluff out incorrectly.
  • Waffle will now open the mouth partially when worn.
  • Wing hug emote buttons on the usage HUD were in the wrong order. Left and right have been reversed.
  • After selecting a sitting state via the usage HUD, it will be reset when the state changes (enter water, fly). This will prevent a sitting idle animation from playing while you're not visibly sitting.
  • Tongue settings 2 and 3 on the usage HUD were backwards.
  • Tail Gravity Slider had too wide of a range. Halved it, which should make the slider more useful.
  • Underwater bubble breath no longer goes crazy and tries to kill everywhere nearby. It only spits out small bubbles.
  • AO while in saddled mode now responds to animation requests. This allows for third party saddles to be created.
  • In-flight idle animation was misnamed so it wasn't playing.
  • The toggle for ears going back when talking and walking was not working. It should behave as expected now.
  • Talkjaw hand waving animation should now toggle off when the /47974SET:ANIMTALK0 command is issued.
  • The sound script was moved to the abdomen. This way if a sound is played, it won't interrupt the flapping sound the AO plays.

Weak Bugs

  • Livery HUD is now named Coat HUD.
  • Normal HUD is now named Usage HUD.
  • Inventory Folder Names are now more descriptive when coming out of the box.
  • Neck straightens down and out when the gryphon is falling, instead of curving up.
  • Neck straightens down and out when the gryphon is flying, instead of curving up.
  • Feather tail texture alignment was slightly off, making the underfluff poke through the tail.
  • All tails inner face had non-transparent textures. Caused white pixels to show up at the tail joint.

Seawolf Gryphon v1.0
Released June 11th, 2011

Initial Release.

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