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Modding Guide

Modding Guide

This modding guide is designed to help you get the most out of the gryphon. The avatar was designed to be as easy to use and mod as we could make it. While we may not have succeeded on all counts, hopefully our efforts will show.

This section should help you access all of the customization components of the gryphon that are under the surface and not immediately visible. It's broken down into different components to help you find what you're looking for.

If you're trying to solve a problem that doesn't seem to be in this guide, please Contact Us. We'd be happy to help you out.

Texture Templates

If you want to make your own textures, you can visit this page and download the templates to create your own textures with. You may want to also check out the Coat Customization and HUD Coat Customization pages for more information on applying body and decal textures -- a feature which, unfortunately, does not exist by default in the v1.1 gryphon.

See the Texture Templates page for more information.

Coat Customization

"Coat" refers to the coloration system. It's controlled by two pieces: the description of the prim, and the name of a notecard inside the object's inventory.

See the Coat Customization page for more information.

HUD Coat Customization

While the definitions and changes of the coats happen inside the bodyparts themselves, the HUD is an interface that makes it easy to access those. The code allows for quite a bit more than the current HUD lets you do, and this section tells you how to unlock the additional customization power of the HUD.

See the HUD Coat Customization page for more information.

Bodypart Customization

If you want to add, change, or remove attachments, you'll need to know any of the tricks or pitfalls for any of the attachments. Want to add more eyes, or feathers, or tails? This is the place to look for how to do that.

See the Bodypart Customization page for more information.

(This page is unfinished below this point.)


The gryphon is built to make it easy to call animations for all of your dancing and poseball needs. Or if you want to control the animations externally, it's also easy to shut off the internal animations.

See the Animation Customization page for more information.

Advanced Gestures

A poseball or friend can send commands to your avatar. This can let them do things like curl the fingers and toes and play a sit animation, move your neck up and down, rez fireballs, and etc. Before you grant permission to someone, make sure you trust them. Because it gives them deep control of your avatar.

The advanced gestures also controls sending out additional messages on a public channel so objects or attachments can keep track of what your avatar is doing.

See the Advanced Gestures Customization? page for more information.

Basic Examples

While explaining the way things work is useful, without an example of how to actually use them it can be a bit confusing how to do about doing so. This section explains how to put everything into practice with some basic examples.

See the CustomizationExamples? page for more information.

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