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Known Bugs

Known Bugs

This is a list of bugs that have been reported, with their associated workarounds.

More Serious Bugs

  • Custom Positions on the ears and neck do not work properly. Most notable after rewearing/relog when values are reloaded.
    • Workaround: Manually dump the local position and rotation and insert into the root prim's hovertext. Eg, posUp;rotUp;posDown;rotDown. Rewear to make the script load the values.

Not-So-Critical Bugs

  • Turning Animations have a twitch after they play.
  • Wing Hug Buttons disable the wing before the animation has finished.
  • Changing to Feathered Neck doesn't change all of the neck textures to feathered.
    • Workaround: Manually apply the neck feature texture using the coat HUD.
  • Exiting Mouselook via Mousewheel will cause the camera to get stuck in or at the avatar.
    • Workaround: Mousewheel out to get out of the avatar, and take a step to reset the camera.
  • Some Saddle Animations are not the proper saddle variants.
  • Some of the Slider Background Textures on the HUD are the wrong versions.
  • When Landing the animation that plays is the crouch turn, not the land. Makes the avatar look like it's dancing. Difficulty reproducing.
    • Workaround: Crouch and turn then stop. This will clear the crouch-turn animation.
  • First and second Bird Tweet are playing the same sound
  • The Turning Animation doesn't play in some cases.
    • Workaround: Fly and land to reset the variables and make turning work again.
  • Holding jump to activate fly can make the Flying Arms Cross.
  • Going Away then Logging Out makes the eyes closed when logging in.
  • Going Away While Sitting can mess up the current sit state.
  • The Turning Animation Twitches when stopping after a turn.
  • Custom Biped Jaw Position isn't respected across detaching.

Weak Bugs

  • Biped Right Paw Texture has the wrong one currently applied.
    • Workaround: Load any default texture to fix it.
  • Wiki HUD Graphic should say "lay down" rather than "lie down."
  • Usage HUD sitres should be spelled "sitrez."
  • 'Attaching the Saddle can make the avatar physics freak out.
    • Workaround: Don't attach the saddle. You're supposed to rez it and sit on it.
  • HUD Sliders need to start at their default positions.
  • HUD Slider backgrounds need to indicate their zero/default positions.
  • Description Wrong for G-A Hand Avian Right v1.1
  • Wingtips Misalign when the paw and hoof hands curl.
  • In some default coats and the decal part, the Tail Decal Isn't Set leaving it blank.
    • Snow Leopard, Giraffe(?), Leopard

Unconfirmed Bugs

If anyone wants to test these and confirm or deny them, just send Stickman Ingmann a message letting me know the result.

  • Saddle locks up during border crossing?
  • Camera Post-Saddle Usage is getting stuck? (Might be the mouselook bug.)
  • Confirm that the Avian Saccades (the eye movement) is along the proper axes (plural of axis).
  • Wing Position reset to zero at some point instead of reverting to default position.
  • Advanced Gestures might not be working properly.
  • Flight Animation Twitch, when you glide and then you stop, the first flap
  • Undeformer is not in the miscellanea folder.
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Page last modified on March 14, 2013, at 07:01 AM