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Gryphon: Gryphon

African Savanna Gryphon

Amalgamate, camouflaged winged polymorphs.

Gryphon Features

All objects for the gryphon are mod/copy/notrans.

Texture Customization


The gryphon comes with both biped and quadrupedal forms that include the following:



Quickstart Guide

Rez the Egg

When you purchase the Seawolf gryphon avatar you will receive an object named Seawolf - Adult Gryphon Box v1.0. This should appear in the Object folder in your inventory.

Click and drag this to the ground.

Once rezzed, the egg will send you a dialog menu, In the Viewer 2 UI, this is hidden in the lower right. Click on Everything to receive all of the folders related to the gryphon. Over the next few seconds the folders will be sent to you.

Wearing the Avatar

The folders you received should be named as follows:

To wear the quadruped avatar, right click on the Seawolf - Adult Gryphon v1.0 folder and select Replace Outfit. This will remove anything you have worn and wear the base gryphon avatar.

To add the HUDs, right click on the Seawolf - Adult Gryphon HUD v1.0 folder and select Add To Outfit. These lets you control the various options, settings, and color changes for the gryphon.


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