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Opening Boxes

General Support>Using Things>Opening Boxes

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It's Just a Box!

When you purchase something, you may only receive a box instead of the product you wanted. It's easier to manage updates and distribute things this way. Don't worry, your stuff is inside the box and you just need to open it.

How to open boxes

Tutorial on opening boxes goes here, including mention of the Tetra "click to open" box. List how each of our products are boxed.

There are three ways to open a box.

1) Icon changes to an open box when you mouse over, then you just need to left click on it to "open" it. 2) When you click it, it automatically gives you the things inside it. 3) Right click -> Edit, More, Contents

If you right clicked and hit "open" on the pie menu, there should be a "copy to inventory" button, which will automatically create a new folder in your inventory and copy the contents into it. Otherwise, create a new folder for the contents, and then drag it into your inventory.

Now where is it?

If it's just a raw object, sound, script, etc, it will appear in the base folder for it. Generally, you'll want to look in "Objects" and failing that, check your chat log (Ctrl-H will bring it up) for the name of the folder. Check the root of "My Inventory" for a folder with that name.

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General Support>Using Things>Opening Boxes


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Page last modified on October 01, 2008, at 04:55 AM