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Gift Giving

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This page will explain all the different ways to buy something as a gift, from just bringing them there and giving them the money, to using the "buy as gift" option on some vendors in SL, to using SLX or onRez, and listed last, IMing the owner and having them gift the item.

List the pros and cons, or abilities and limitations of each, and include a step by step guide on how to do each one, with screenshots.

Cheater's Method

Just teleport them there and give them the money and point at them what to buy.

This is the easiest method for informal gifts, especially for new members, as it doubles as a lesson on how to purchase things. It does have the disadvantage of ruining a lot of the surprise.

Give a walkthrough on how you teleport someone (a friend and a non-friend) to your location, and how to make them look at what you want instead of facing the wrong way.

Gift Through Vendor

Some vendors support a "buy as gift" option, but not all. Each one works different, but make sure you click on the gift button before giving the vendor any money. Take a look at a few options out there and see how it's done.

Seawolf boats do not currently have this gift option.

SLX and OnRez

Websites that sell SL stuff have a built-in "give as gift" ability. Make sure that they're online and not marked as away or busy or it will be auto-declined.

Either do a screenshot or two of their site, or link to some walkthroughs of their site which they have on it (which they should have on their sites!)

Contact the Seller

A last resort, if none of the others will work for some reason, is to IM the seller and ask if they'd be able to deliver the product for you. Be sure to include:

  • Who to give it to
  • The money for the item, after they've agreed to do so
  • The date and time you want it delivered

Please note the rules for IMing people, including the whole thing in one message, and our preferred method of contact being email. Contact Us

<< Buying Guide | Buying Things Index | Vendor Usage >>

General Support>Buying Things>Gift Giving


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Page last modified on October 01, 2008, at 04:25 AM