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Release Notes

Important Information:

  • Information on how to transfer your prim mods to the new dragon can be found on the Saving Mods page.
  • To get the latest update you can visit Aggro and click on the Recovery sign.

Changes for version 1.5

Release February 10th, 2015

Bug Fixes
All Dragons:

  • Due to a change in SL, when flying/landing the wings and arms will not always fully swap transparency. This bug would show up more with lower framerate or less bandwidth available. The wings/arms and the neck should now have this behavior minimized, if not fixed.

Biped Dragon:

  • The biped dragon received the same treatment on the three wing objects it contains.

Changes for version 1.4

Release November 14th, 2013

Bug Fixes
All Dragons:

  • New neck up/down deformations that deform mSkull and reverse the sinking problem.
  • New undeformer that undeforms the unrigged mSkull and toe bones.
  • Removed the "flight enhancer" script in the chest that helps you fly higher than the clouds.

Biped Dragon:

  • Removed the "flight enhancer" script in the pelvis that helps you fly higher than the clouds.

Changes for version 1.3c

Release June 5th, 2012

  • If your viewer does not support the new neck attachment slot, you can add it yourself by following these instructions: Neck Attachment

Bug Fixes
Juvenile Dragon:

  • The "fly down" animation had the wrong loop value, making the animation jerk.

Changes for Version 1.3b

Release May 4th, 2012

Bug Fixes
All Dragons:

  • The cookies weren't updated to work with the new 1.3 heads. This has been fixed.

Changes for Version 1.3

Release January 31st, 2012

Bug Fixes
All Dragons:

  • The preload prim in the chest was updated
    • The base jaw sculpts were not preloaded, but now are. This should resolve problems with viewers that aggressively unload unused textures when the jaw is changing sculpts while talking.
    • The neck sculpts were updated to the new sculpts now used.
    • Some breath/particle textures weren't being preloaded.
    • The biped also received this update, though it only has five preload prims instead of the quadruped's six.

New Features
All Dragons:

  • The head has been made to move freely on the end of the neck, so the dragon actually looks at what you focus on.
    • All head, jaw, and headdress "up/down" scripts were removed.
    • All head, jaw, and headdress attachments were repositioned.
    • The neck attachment was moved to the neck attachment slot.
    • The neck root prim was reshaped to work better with this feature, as well as the upper armor scales when the neck is in the up position. Many other prims on the neck were also realigned, but the sculpts were not changed.
    • The chest now contains and uses a head deformer to move the head to the end of the neck.
    • Every animation in the hip (except hardfall) was updated to let the neck move freely.
    • The "draw back" animation in the head when a fireball is spit was updated to move both the head and neck.
    • "MD Full Body Alpha," an alpha skin that hides the entire default avatar, is included in every size.
  • Custom base jaw positions can be set by putting a position and rotation in the description field of the jaw's root prim. This is for all sizes, including the biped.
    • Expected format is pos;rot, eg <1,1,1>;<0,0,0,1>
    • Editing the description of the root prim while attach does not stick after it's been detached. You will need to rez the jaw to change the description and have it stay changed.


  • The wingless mod, an automation tool to help remove the wings, and some new scripts to update the AO and Deformation scripts to behave correctly, is now included in the miscellanea folder.
  • Collar scripts to make attachments move with the neck, both for just the root prim and for the root and child prims, are now included in the miscellanea folder.
  • Voicechat gestures are now included.

Changes in Version 1.1.5b

Released June 22th, 2011

Bug Fixes
All Dragons:

  • The headdress livery script no longer crashes.

Changes in Version 1.1.5

Released June 18th, 2010
Version 1.1.5 was primarily an optimization release, though changes already finished for 1.2 will be included.

New Features
All Dragons:

  • Fast Liveries. Liveries now change in around a second or less in a well-performing sim.
    • The HUD no longer "locks" after an action is performed.
  • Efficiency changes: script memory usage is down over 80%, and idle script time is one third less.
    • Many deformations have been combined, causing less animations to play at once.
    • The hands and feet have had all scripts in child prims removed and replaced with a single script in the root prim.
    • The heads have had all scripts in the eyes and eyelids removed and replaced with a single script in the root prim.
    • The firebreath scripts were removed from child prims and placed in the root prims of the heads.
    • The necks have had all scripts in child prims removed and replaced with a single script in the root prim.
    • Combined and reduced several other scripts, from the tailwag to glow to various others.
  • The invisible wings now shrink, keeping them out of the way.

    (Click to enlarge example)
  • There is now one chest, neck, and hip for all dragons, rather than four variants. A button on the HUD will switch between the dorsal choices.
  • Alternative hip option provided, without the "dinosaur" style pelvis.
  • The firebreath now automatically shuts off after five seconds. Clicking and holding again will immediately turn it back on.
  • A desaturated mouth interior texture is included in the miscellanea folder for those that wish for better color control on the dragon's mouth.
  • The HUDs now support a special script, allowing for aftermarket textures that aren't fullperm.

Juvenile Dragons:

  • Juvenile Saddle. Both in HUD and miscellanea folder.
  • Added three new headdresses to complement the selection in the adult and ancient.

Biped Dragons:

  • Added the "horns 2" headdress.

Bug Fixes

All Dragons:

  • Jaw Reworked to eliminate a large number of bugs associated with it, allow much easier modding, and generally make everyone's life easier.
  • Twitch in the AO when an animation changes has been eliminated.
  • Animations are now mod so they can be renamed and used in poseballs.
  • Glow issues with the wings in flight have been eliminated.
  • The fire and ice projectiles are now mod.
  • Several issues with saving or loading liveries have been corrected.
  • The HUD no longer lets you try to apply custom textures to parts that have no texture support.
  • Default HUD attachment point changed to Top Left. This should prevent the HUD appearing off screen for some people.

Juvenile Dragons:

  • Removed an ingrown scale from the hips.

Biped Dragons:

  • The AO was moved from the nofly wings to the chest. This will fix some issues with liveries and glow while flying.

The following bugs from the known bugs page were fixed:

  • The dragon twitches when it stops walking or turning, etc.
  • Run animation will get stuck playing if you:
    • Turn run on, walk forwards, crouch, stop moving
  • Coming back from away unsits you without reseting the "sit" status done by the HUD.
    • Fix will make coming back from away not unsit you.


  • If you delete a livery, any liveries saved to the right of it get knocked left a slot.
  • Liveries with certain textures will break all the custom liveries when loading from the server.
  • Liveries with certain characters in the name (eg, ampersand) can cause problems when saving to server.
  • The adult cheekfins still have the version 1.0 livery in them.
  • The bottom in-flight wing claw on the adult right forearm is misnamed "wing" instead of "cw" and therefore doesn't respond to liveries.


  • The HUD isn't locking for the proper length of time when preforming delayed actions, like loading stock liveries.
  • Pressing the custom texture button on a bodypart with an unsupported texture will show the custom textures, but not apply them.


  • When talking, the jaw will sometimes completely disappear.
  • Toggling the neck up and down with the jaw open will move the jaw into an uncomfortable position.
  • After extensive use, the jaw rotation can "drift" for various reasons.
  • Lower jaw isn't glowing when open or talking (ancient only)
  • Lower jaw will sometimes supernova for an instant. (seems to happen when glow is being removed)
  • Voice chatting jaw movement is somewhat broken.
  • Jaw decal attached to head is turning visible when changing liveries with mouth open
  • The growls played from the HUD are much too quiet.


  • Flying and unflying too fast can cause glow effects on invisible parts.
  • The Biped wings take a long time to handle glow.
  • Flying with glow on skin/dorsals will cause various issues on the chests, on different sizes. Generally the glow will disappear from proper places.


  • The dorsals or armor on the neck can get misaligned when it goes up or down (Toggle it to to fix, may take more than one time)
  • The middle neck dorsal fin has the texture flipped. Only visible when using a non-mirrored texture.
  • We put the wrong script in the cookies! They don't follow the head up and down.
  • The tail isn't wagging by default

Changes in Version 1.1

Released November 5th, 2008

New Features

All Dragons:

  • The arm and chest attachments now support adding prims with the names "arm" or "wing". This will make those prims only display when the arm or wing is displayed.
    • For example, attaching an armor plate to the forearms on the chest. When flying, the chest arms are visible, but when not flying, they're invisible. By naming the armor plate prims "arm" they will only show up when flying, but will not be effected by livery changes. (You can and always could name the new prims specific names to have the liveries act upon them like normal dragon pieces. This new feature makes only flying effect them.)
  • A new script, "alpha-moderator-addon v1", is included in the Miscellanea section that will make any other attachment turn invisible like above. Useful for adding things to the neck.
    • For more information on customization, please check the Custom Primwork page, currently a work in progress.
  • Cookie!
  • Gestures and gesture support.


  • Three skins added to the texture selection: Two variations of Kingsnake (orange/black/white), one green snake skin (bright lime green with yellowish stripes), and a sharper monochrome base scale skin.
  • Three desaturated eyes were added to the texture selection. There were issues with the originals, which have been moved to the end of the eye textures list. (Hit the back arrow on the first page to get to them fastest.)
  • The HUD is now smart enough to know what color a part is after loading a livery. To copy a part color from one to another, click on the part to copy from, click and hold on a custom color slot, click on the new part, then click on the custom color you saved.

Bug Fixes

All Dragons:

  • Dragons will not crosstalk. That is, flying, sitting, livery changes, and etc, from one dragon will not effect other dragons.
  • It is no longer required that you reset the livery scripts after changing an attachment's linkset.
  • Is is no longer required that you reattach the HUD after resetting the scripts in it. (Though that workaround shouldn't be necessary anymore.)
  • The rez checks have been taken out of the dragon. If you do not have permission to rez items, the undeformer, splash, ground poof/smack, saddle, and breath weapons will pop up a harmless little blue box in the lower right, but will now properly work in group land with build off, and etc.
  • Jumping sometimes made the neck bob instead playing the jumping animation.

Ancient Dragons:

  • Ancient dragon's fire/ice breath has had its starting size reduced to be more accurate.
  • The saddle scripts were touched up.

Adult Dragons:

  • Adult dragon chests had two deformation scripts in them. The harmless redundancy has been eliminated.
  • Adult dragon's fire/ice breath has had its starting size reduced to be more accurate.
  • The saddle scripts were touched up.

Juvenile Dragons:

  • Head two decals now properly emote.
    • All heads potentially had this issue if the linkset was changed. They no longer have this issue.
  • Fire breath doesn't start so far in front of the juvenile's face now.

Biped Dragons:

  • The dorsals on the chest and tail were not responding to livery changes. They do now.
  • The upper tail decal prim was set to flex incorrectly. This has been corrected.
  • The biped flying animations have been replaced with less horrible animations.
    • The biped flying wings were modified a little to support the new animations.


  • Custom textures applied through the HUD will work now.
    • To use a custom texture, open or edit the HUD and drop the fullperm texture inside. Click the custom texture button to display the textures in inventory.
  • The primary cause of "Livery not yet loaded" has been fixed. Also changed a thing which may have been a secondary cause. If it still happens somehow, it will forcefully attempt to reload the livery then and there.
  • When picking a texture and clicking on a blank or empty slot, an empty key "" would be returned. The HUD has been corrected to not respond when clicking unused texture slots.
    • I believe this was the cause of invalid "----" or empty textures when loading a custom livery. The issues these custom liveries have will not go away until they are recreated using valid textures. Custom liveries using invalid textures may result in oddities such as the right textures being applied to the wrong parts.
  • The green when selecting a part to apply a livery to has been dialed back from smothering to watered-down.
  • The HUD is now smart enough to know it starts on the skin piece, so it properly displays it unselected when you click on another part.
  • The HUDs have been aligned by default for the standard aspect ratio. Previously, they were aligned to widescreen, and they would appear partially off-screen for some users.

Vendor and Recovery:

  • The vendor now IMs the recipient a link to the Seawolf group page with instructions on how to join.
  • The vendor no longer spits an error when more than 12 people are milling nearby and a gift purchase is attempted.
  • The vendors and recovery have been changed to dispense v1.1 dragons.

Changes in Version 1.0

Released October 4th, 2008

Initial Release.

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