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Quick Start

When you purchase the dragon you are given 10 folders. For this example, we will assume you have purchased the adult dragon. If you have purchased another size, please replace "adult" in the following examples with the appropriate size, "juvenile" or "ancient."


This guide is to help you with the customization phase in dealing with attachments.

  • Right click on the folder Seawolf - Adult Dragon and select Replace Outfit.
  • Open the folder Seawolf - Adult Dragon Headdresses and wear them one by one to find the one you like.
  • Detach the headdress and copy it to the Seawolf - Adult Dragon folder.
  • Open the folder Seawolf - Adult Dragon Variants and try on the different heads and dorsals.
  • If you like a different dorsal decoration move the desired dorsals into the Seawolf - Adult Dragon folder, and move the spikes dorsals out.
  • Move the HUD from the Seawolf - Adult Dragon HUD folder into the Seawolf - Adult Dragon folder.
  • Repeat for the Seawolf - Biped Dragon folders.
  • You're done!

The Base Avatar

The two folders you will most care about are:

  • Seawolf - Adult Dragon


  • Seawolf - Biped Dragon

attach image of folders with these two highlighted]

These are the base avatars. You can right click on them and select "Replace Outfit" to become a dragon.

Note: If the contents of the folder are not loaded, the Second Life client will not realize that you can wear the contents of the folder and will not show the "Replace Outfit" option. If this occurs, simply right click again and the option will show up as soon as you have downloaded the contents.

attach image of right clicking and selecting "replace outfit."

Headdresses (Horns and Ears)

After this, I recommend finding a headdress that you like.

image of all the headdresses

If you are wearing the adult dragon, the headdresses can be found in the folder

  • Seawolf - Adult Dragon Headdresses

If you are wearing the biped dragon, the headdresses can be found in the folder

  • Seawolf - Biped Dragon Headdresses

A common mistake is to try to put on a biped headdress when wearing the adult. This will attach them deep inside your neck, and it will appear that nothing has changed. Simply find the correct folder and try again, and the headdress will appear.

To try out the different headdresses, expand the Seawolf - Adult Dragon Headdresses folder and right click on each headdress object, then select wear. Go down the list doing this until you find the headdress you like.

Once you have found your desired headdress, right click and detach it (you cannot copy attached objects), then right click and copy it. Select the Seawolf - Adult Dragon folder and right click and paste.

Copying the headdress to the main avatar folder will ensure that it's automatically attached the next time you put on the avatar.

more images above


The variants folder contains two different dorsals (the spikes/fins/flaps that run along the spine) and two different heads.

images of variant pieces

It's best to pair the heads up with the proper jaw. Same with the dorsals: it's best to attach the neck, chest, and hips of the same dorsal type. It's not necessary, but they were designed with that in mind.

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Page last modified on January 23, 2009, at 09:57 AM