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Known Bugs

These are the bugs we're aware of. Except for bugs labeled as Second Life bugs, we're hoping to find ways to fix all of them. Some are more difficult than others, and some are more important than others. Hopefully once the list is totally done, we can also find alternate ways of working around the Second Life bugs.

Please note that if a bug has a workaround, it's still going to be fixed. The workaround is for your convenience while you're waiting.

HUD and Livery Issues

  • Last bumpmapping option on HUD not working. Bug is in the livery script itself.
  • Emotions on HUD are out of order. (Smirk and Grin are swapped, first and third)
  • Nostril prim can't be changed via the HUD
  • On attach/rez, the HUD selects the "skin" bodypart visually, but doesn't set the textures, color, etc.
  • In v1.1 you could set the texture of non-supported bodyparts by using a custom texture. That doesn't work in v1.1.5.
  • You still need to reset scripts after modifying the linkset for at least arm liveries to work.
  • If the flexitail armor prim is not present on the hip object, the livery script will throw an error.
  • The armor texture on the end of the tail is desaturated and does not change with the rest of the chest armor. Changing the chest armor to a colored texture will result in a greyscale tail.
  • The livery scripts are erroneously consuming mouselook touch events. This is an SL bug, but I can modify the scripts to fix it.

Other Bugs

  • Sometimes on login (and always logged out while sitting) the wings will be spread for flight even though the avatar is standing still.
  • If you attach a neck or head attachment while the neck is down, it will become desynced as it assumes the neck is up. Workaround is to fly and land. Fix would involve having each neck or head attachment forcing the entire neck up when attached.
  • Able to "sit" via the HUD while underwater.
  • Able to "sit" via the HUD while on the saddle.
  • Sitting on something while sitting from the HUD doesn't properly replay the sit animation, resulting in hilarity.
  • The biped wings have a Second Life permissions bug that turns them nullperm when you edit them.
  • Some jaws will shift slightly left or right when talking or opening.
  • When setting the jaw from partially to fully open, or fully to partially open, mostly on the ancient, it will not move. It WILL move to the proper setting if you close it first. This is also apparent when talking.
  • When toggling between crouching and sitting, the dragon will have a minor twitch.
  • Right clicking on another avatar while sitting, if doing so makes your avatar turn, will cause you to appear to stand up on your own screen. You will be sitting on everyone else's screen.
  • Gifting from the vendor is confusing and results in erroneous purchases.
  • High altitudes will still cause the head, jaw, and/or headdress to fail to reposition itself when the neck is toggled.
    • Fixed for the juvenile in v1.1.5, which seems to have it occur the most.
  • Sit animation doesn't stick through HUD. Replay it regularly.
  • Fireballs rez at slightly the wrong place when:
    • playing sitting animation
    • hovering in place
    • Fireballs rez at very the wrong place when sitting on the saddle.
  • Biped and Juvenile breath still making collision sounds.
  • The flaps on the adult hips are slightly out of alignment with the chest.
  • The juvenile's animations are a little low
    • Workaround: Create a pair of shoes. We'll get one in a later update. Or redo the animations.
  • The right thumb flips upsidedown while switching between open and closed mode.
  • Editing the head can cause prims to change unexpectedly. This is the eyes and eyelids loosing track of which prim is which.
    • Workaround: Rez the head, set scripts to not running (Build -> Scripts), add prims, reset scripts, set scripts to running.

Invisible Bugs That Will Be a Problem Later if Not Fixed

  • Using more than 31 or 63 custom textures (both currently impossible) will result in the last texture on the list being prematurely truncated and invalid.
  • Some of the descriptions on the bodyparts are wrong, causing problems with an advanced HUD

Documentation Lapses

  • The HUD options, especially on the custom livery page, need to be explained per-button.
  • The alpha-moderator-addon v1 script in the Miscellanea folder is not explained anywhere (hint: put it in an object with prim names "wing" and "arm", attach it to your chest, and fly)
  • Customization for the dragon needs much better documentation. (In the meantime, contact Stickman Ingmann

Bugs LL needs to fix

  • After deforming, sitting on the ground may leave you walking in circles.
    • No JIRA yet
    • Workaround: Change your shape (or Edit Appearance) to restore ground sitting.
  • When swimming or flying, you slowly float down
  • The head parts at high altitude don't always display the neck up/down changes.
  • Switching hips or chests will make the dragon "stand up"
    • Workaround: Tap the forward key to make SL remember to animate
    • No Jira yet (may exist already)
  • The dragon's animations are a little jerky
  • After I teleport, the dragon is "standing up!" (Only happens on your own screen, others don't see this.)
  • When I shift copy the biped "nofly" wings, they have nullperm! nomod/nocopy/notrans!
    • No Jira. I've yet to find the cause, I'll track down the pieces effected by it and replace them. For the record, a nomod/nocopy/notrans item is impossible to create. I guess since we were doing so many good impossibilities, a bad one had to crop up, too.
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Page last modified on April 16, 2014, at 07:54 PM