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Gesture Channel

To send a command to the dragon, speak the command on channel 37226. This is done by putting a slash in front of the numbers, followed by a command. For example:

Spaces before and after are eaten by the client, so the above is the same as:
/37226 hsit

Please note that this channel is only used for injecting commands, and is not intended as a listening device.

Gesture Commands

Quadruped only

Neck Upndown
Neck Downnup
Toggle Neck Positionntog
Hand Curl Toggleh1
Foot Curl Toggleh2
Play Sit Animation
Sit Togglehsit
Toggle the follow camera
Camera togglec

Available to both quadruped and biped

Flight RelatedCommand
Autofly Togglexfly
Flap Sound Togglehflap
Tail Wag Togglehtail
Switch to Fire Breathrfire
Switch to Ice Breathrice
Play Growl 1o1
Play Growl 2o2
Eyes Openi1
Eyes Half Closedi2
Eyes Closedi3
Jaw Closedj1
Jaw Openj2
Jaw Fully Openj3
Activate Six Phoneme Cyclesvoice
Not Amusedmnotamused

The following commands are for "state changes." This is a backdoor into making the wings expand until that feature can be added. "Fly" and "walk" function for the biped, but sit and swim states are not supported.

Walk/StandwalkThe wings change to arms. The toes and fingers uncurl.
FlyflyThe arms change to wings, the toes curl.
SitsitThe wings change to arms, the toes uncurl, the fingers curl.
SwimswimThe wings change to arms, the toes curl, the fingers curl.

How to Create a Gesture

  • In your inventory, right click and select "Create Gesture."
  • Before clicking on any windows, type in an appropriate name. (eg, Seawolf Dragon Hate)
  • The gesture window could have popped up. Click it to activate that window.
  • There are two ways to trigger a gesture.
    • First, if you type something into the "trigger" section, any time you type that in chat the gesture will trigger. If you type in the letter "a" into the trigger, ANY time the letter "a" appears in your chat (eg, Hay guyz lol) the gesture will trigger. People often prefix these with a slash (/) to avoid this behavior.
      • The "replace" section is what you want to replace this with. For example, using "lol!" as a trigger and replacing with with "I am laughing out loud, good sir!" For more complex output, use the "Steps" section.
    • Second, with a shortcut key. The function keys, as well as Ctrl or Shift-Function will trigger the gesture.
    • You can use both as a trigger method for the same gesture if you'd like.
  • There are two steps that already exist. For each one, click it to highlight and click the "Remove" button.
  • In the Library section, click "Chat" and click the "Add>>" button.
  • Click on the box below Steps to highlight it so it accepts keyboard input.
  • Type "/37226" followed by your desired command. For the example of hate, we can use "/37226 mmad". With the space is the same as "/37226mmad" as far as SL is concerned.
  • Click "Save" to save the gesture when you're done.
  • You may also add in more commands to preform other actions. See your "Seawolf - Dragon Gestures" folder for examples.
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Page last modified on March 30, 2011, at 04:05 PM