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Each dragon uses tamed deformations to enable their long stance and large size with full BVH animation articulation. That means that the underlying avatar's skeleton is stretched to fit snugly inside the dragon's anatomy and the resulting animation is as clean as if the dragon were the size of a human avatar.

  • All scripts as of v1.1 are compiled in Mono.
  • Animations: 20
  • Prejump, Jump, Land
  • Walk, Walk Backwards, Run, Turn in Place
  • Crouch, Crouch Walk, Crouch turn in place
  • Fly Forward, Fly Up, Fly Down, Eagle Dive
  • Swim Idle, Swim Forward (Striking the water surface at speed going down or up causes a large particle splash with audio.)
  • Slamming into the ground, Getting up (A particle puff cloud appears on impact, as well as an audible THUD.)
  • Sit, Away

Every available coloration comes with the dragons in the form of a HUD from which you can select pre-configured liveries. This includes the standard dragon colors such as red, blue, green, black, as well as unusual looks and realistic reptilian camouflage.

  • Pre-configured liveries: 21
  • Potential custom combinations: Quite a lot.
  • Livery save slots: 10

The dragons come in three sizes, each with three different head variations. Each size also comes with a bipedal dragon which is human-sized, that has the same customization, expressions, jaw operation, and head selection.

  • Adult Age
  • Ancient Age
  • Juvenile Age
  • Bipeds included in all three ages
  • Three head variations for every age and the bipeds

Note: Bipeds and Juveniles don't come with saddles.

Another unique aspect of these dragons are the facial expressions. The bulk of the head is made up of a single sculpty, which allows us to switch that sculpty with another to change the shape, and offer moods.

To offer more control to expressions, the mouth can be closed, partially open, or all the way open, and the eyelids can be open, halfway open, and closed. Dragons blink (it should be noted that eyelid movement has realistic speed here). The eyes also move around slightly, since idle beings tend to focus on different details in the distance. The effect makes the dragon feel a bit more alive.

The neck can be toggled up and down as well. Having the neck down gives the dragon a more feral look. The neck will automatically go down when the dragon flies or swims. Also note that the neck will automatically go into the up position if the dragon is swimming and near the surface of the water, to give the dragon that "Nessie" effect. :)

  • Facial expressions: 7
  • Eyelid positions: 3
  • Mouth positions: 3
  • Neck positions: 2
  • Blinking
  • Moving eyes

If we come out with updates to the dragon, users will receive them automatically. Updates may take the form of bug fixes and new features.

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Page last modified on November 21, 2008, at 07:52 PM