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  • To keep this page clean and organized, please add your request as a bulletpoint (place a "*" in front of it) at the bottom of the list. Please sign your SL name after the request.
    • If you have something to add to your own or another request, please place two bulletpoints (**) below the request, and sign your SL name after the annotation.
    • To submit a counter-request, please politely add a "please DON'T..." or "please do it THIS way..." as a double bulletpoint (**) below the other issue.
  • We will have some voting sessions in the Dragon group to determine people's favorite requests.
  • Seawolf will not create any items of adult nature. Please don't request them.

Requests for Linden Lab

Requests for Seawolf Developers:


Quick and Easy

  • a lying down pose along with the sitting pose, with the dragon lying on its side. Another pose with the dragon on its back and wiggling (like the Gryphon) would be even better. - Rupa Canieri
  • Make the adult flying animations available for juvi, maybe just with an additional chest attachment that have the Adult AO for juvi. Because some Sims doesn't allow the adult or ancient dragon because of their size. - Torialla Haystack
  • Please slow down the wing flap on the juvi -Firegriff khandr
  • The ability to make the juvenile's wings flap slower. Stymied Ennui.
    • I probably won't be publicly slowing down the flapping animation, but I'll see about making some custom animations for you. It's easy enough to slow down an animation a little without it looking bad. The other issue is that the flap sound won't sync up with the rate of the wings flapping. I'll be in touch at some point. -Stickman Ingmann
  • Touch up the following animations: -(didn't make release)
    • Wrists are twisting in the sit animations. Physical impossibility.
    • Adult "fly down" wings are too vertical, spread them out a bit.
    • The jump "hold" when jumping down from large heights could use some wobble in the hands instead of being a single frame
    • Ancient head bobs too much when walking
    • Ancient leans too far forward on the down motion when jumping
    • Ancient swim in water has his tail aimed too high
    • Juvenile animations seem to be a little low and sink the feet into the ground
  • A more streamlined forward flight--front and back legs folded back, pointing towards the tail, and the feet and fingers as well. A glide function as well, with the wings outstretched, with maybe the occasional slow flap. - Amphithetre Andalso
  • Snoozing animation with the dragon laid on their back. -Caerufelix Serpente & Verkin Raven
  • Please add static poses (heraldic ones would be a good start: ( for photo shoots. -CAD
  • I second or third the notion for more stants a sits and lays I'd laso like more sounds and to see a bow. -Xeandra Claveau


  • The run anim seems a bit...Static? Unnatural, I guess. I've never seen a dragon, but one would think they wouldn't just hop along after prey. Maybe try adding a lil more life into the run? :> -Vincent Devoix
    • Additionally, make options to both trot and dash as a run (possibly change depending on the current position of the neck. Trot when up, and dash when down.) - Rena Kuhn
    • Maybe add a speed modifier to the avatar that makes the walk and run faster, in addition to new animations. The speed is normal for a little avatar, but for a giant avatar, wouldn't the stride be a lot wider, and just be faster all around? This option could be toggled off in case people think the speed is fine as is. - Rupa Canieri
  • Idle animations -(didn't make release)
    • Please add a "scratch" animation. Love that one on another dragon, and would be so cute on this juvenile dragon -Swimmie Chaffe
  • Further animal-like animations: pawing the ground, sniffing about, having a dust/water bath (like a bird, ducking the head, shaking the body)
  • Way to unfurl the wings when not in flight -Ravenna Soothsayer
  • Please give us ability to spread our wings! It is a sought after (and REASONABLE) feature to be able to stand on the ground and spread your wings. Thanks! /LarsPersson Diesel, avid draconical.
  • The ability for A Juvenile to spread his wings out (no flapping), and maybe in a few different positions while on the ground. Stymied Ennui.
    • Yes, as if to show off one's body (always kinda want to do that when someone in an RP decides to admire the dragons scales or something) -Anom7
  • Ability to sit on the back legs while standing on the front two. For example, -StrikingDragon
  • Loop-the-Loop Flying animation -Brandon Shinobu
  • Do a Barrel Roll! (Barrel Roll animation) -Sierra Janus
  • More Sits (sitting on haunches). -Rena Kuhn
    • Adding to the sits... sit like a cat, rear legs down but front legs up would be great. And double-vote for the sleeping one! - Valen Leinhardt
  • Some emotes/gestures such as yawning and the like -Nekovnia Mistral
  • Claw Swipe animation. -Razi Soyinka
  • curled up asleep -Rena Kuhn
    • Like a cat, or other creature. -Anom7
  • Lay on one's side, curling up to sleep, rolling over on the ground, sitting on one's haunches. -Razi Soyinka
  • Some simple dances, head bobs, shuffles, the like. - Kira Zobel
  • "Clinging" and "perching" poses. Nothing cooler looking than a huge dragon clinging to the side of a building, snapping at the puny humans flying about it. Would also like to be able to perch on conical roofs, etc.
  • Perhaps having a new design to the AO for the Biped, maybe making it a bit bigger or muscular for males, and leaner more graceful for females perhaps with slight breasts that look natural or enhanced chest flight muscles. A change for the over all AO or one fore a new type of Seawolf feral dragon design would be to shape it like in this Video from youtube. At time index 0:08 ShadowMane Andel

Difficult or Time Consuming

  • A bit more robust bipedal AO, no noobie run or walk. Perhaps some custom standing animations. I'd like to see a crouch with them on all fours, and perhaps an all fours lope for a run, and a hunched down shuffle for a walk. Also jumping animation. - Derin Swenson
    • Also a falling animation that's a dive like the quad has -Kizoku Walker
  • "flying mode" with structure arms, wings spead out. -Caerufelix Serpente & Verkin Raven
  • Option for a juvenile-sized dragon that looks and is animated like an adult - Ravenna Soothsayer; Altamar Cooperstone
  • Vore gesture to eat people and Dances for 4 legs dragons -Andari Voom
  • The ability to have wings stretch outwards in slow flap when standing instead of tucked back (ala Dragon Works avatars) -Kas Kwietz


  • HUD for simple operation that takes up less space then the one with operation of the avatar as well as customization. Altamar Cooperstone
    • That's what the "hotbar" option is for. The orange button in the top right, next to the page turner, turns the HUD into a bar. Do you want more options? You can edit the HUD yourself and remove all those extra bits -- just make sure you reset the scripts after editing the linkset. -Stickman Ingmann
  • Allowing deleting of livery scripts once you're happy with it to save on lag. -(didn't make release)
    • Also request by Cedrick and Sierra Janus
    • An option for auto-livery script deletion. Many objects have this option, which is more than useful here since there are loads of script to delete and we might miss some... -Shakeno Tomsen
  • Possible to have the invisible wing parts to be shrunk/folded? - Nekovnia Mistral
  • Ability to disable rezzing of deformer object tool when changing avatar/attachments - Sierra Janus
  • Make autofly work underwater. -Verkin Raven
  • HUD to show if something is on or off. Toggles and Breaths for example. - Nekovnia Mistral
  • Be able to toggle flight booster, underwater sounds, and anything else like that on and off -Kizoku Walker
  • Have the HUD return textures that are not full-perm to the user, as it won't be able to use them.

New Features

Combat Systems

  • We dragons currently have zero means of doing combat in the many fantasy/medieval RP sims, Karamoon, Ravenscraig etc, that utilize the BnJ RPS system, we have no ability to fight, nor do our breath weapons hurt anyone, tho' I see the breath being an easy addon given that it already fires prims to begin with. -Razi Soyinka
  • Also for DCS roleplay sims claw swipe would be very useful
  • fire and ice breath shot invisible prims that hurt in DCS (like a gun and this is perfectly recognized from DCS), but if we can use also our claws or maybe an attack with the tail, like a quickly turn that hit with the tail should be great! SL name Jiraiya Jishnu.
    • I need more information about these combat systems. When I have time, I'll IM the names above. The fireballs and breath are SL damage enabled, but I'm unfamiliar with other combat systems in Second Life. There's always the option of replacing the fireball or invisfire prims yourself. Adding a couple attack animations with a little bit of scripting would be entirely possible. -Stickman Ingmann
    • Adding to this: I come from a CCS sim and use the Juvenile dragon avatar. I can't attack using the breath/bombs - not because they do no damage - but because they are illegal to use because they spam "bullets" and have no cool down (reload). Yet it is still good to have for role playing purposes and is lots of fun to use. How ever CCS has a (main) melee attacks that activate simply by holding the mouse button and tapping the left and right arrow keys whilst in third person mode. You can do damage with out a weapon/animation like this, but it is also illegal to not have an animation to show that you are attacking. Here's my PROPOSAL: It would be GREATLY appreciated if there could be a simple claw swipe animation when you hold the mouse button down and tap the left and right arrow keys whilst in third person mode. Then dragons will be fine to attack with out their avatars turning into a mangled mess. -Sky Halostar
  • The breath weapon work with the spellfire system so that we can battle as dragons. -H3thr Swashbuckler
  • Add Breath Weapons - Perhaps a lightning or an acid attack, or a ball of brilliant light energy. - Derin Swenson
    • The ability to replace the texture of the breath weapon yourself with your own texture, perhaps with an inventory texture call? - Draco Latynina
  • Ability to define particle textures, colors, and possibly sounds for breath weapons - Brandon Shinobu
  • More varieties of breath weapon, such as acid and lightning. - Mark Karlfeldt
    • I wouldnt mind a good weather system for us storm dragons that could cover an area around an ancient or greater. ^.^ - Nekovnia Mistral
  • Toggle button to switch on and off the use of breath weapons -- mainly so that other RP-specific weapons may be used in instances where they are needed (RP sim specific systems). - Brandon Shinobu
    • Workaround: Copy the head and delete the "fireball_controller" script from the head. Rename the head appropriately. Use that head when you don't want firebreath. -Stickman Ingmann
    • And as of v1.1, you'll be able to use gestures to pop the mouth open for a bit while shooting fireballs through your other method. -Stickman Ingmann
  • And for Ancient or at least a improvement to aiming the fire and ice breath and balls. - Nekovnia Mistral
  • I wish i could use the breaths when i am not in mouselook. - Invisible Homewood
  • Optional (Toggle by HUD) ice/fireball splash damage and another optional feature to leave (let's say... for around 5~10 seconds) a prim with a small area of fire/cold particles, maybe freezing/burning who touches that phantom transparent prim... would make the fire/iceball attacks more "believable" :D - Shakeno Tomsen
  • Script the fire so that it will rez a fire on whatever object is in the blast/burn vicinity. In other words, "make it so every object in SL is flammable." -Krystal Matwes
  • Ability to use a different object name for the fire and ice projectiles (for use in weapon system development for Azora). The Azora weapon system requires a certain name (i.e. "Az* Ice Ranged Object") and the dragon seems to require "iceball". Is there a way I could get a custom version of the scripts to try utilizing a different object name? I would also seek a similar ability for the fireball projectile. Thanks! ~ Br1an Morgath
  • When a person uses the ice attack, and it goes in water it creates a small flat piece of ice over water for a little bit then it disappears -Rabid Hashi
  • Spell Fire compatable. - Draig Exonar
  • The dragons ice up or burn when they get hit with ice and fire. -BelenosStormchaser Magic
  • Spell Fire Compatability! -Akamar Zuta
  • Add other elements for the breath weapons, like lightning. -Akamar Zuta

Enhanced Flight

  • I assume dragons set things on fire so that they can ride the thermals created thereby. A "thermals" emitter would work well with the glide requested above.
  • Flight experience upgrades, with gliding and other realistic and fun effects. -(didn't make release)

Livery Enhancements

  • Use an egg as container for livery saves? -Stickman
    • An interesting add-on to this would be to have a partner dragon pair click the egg, and it will randomize their livery. It then can be given to another dragon if they wished to play a youngling with parents! -Kira Zobel
  • "Transfer Livery" option, so you can give a livery to another dragon. -(didn't make release)
  • HUD Option to remove the armor plats on head chest and legs; or variants with out them and / or different layouts. -Altamar Cooperstone
  • An update livery/save over livery option for the HUD, for when you want to tweak an already-saved livery. Interface suggestion: use click-and-hold, when it kicks in, say DELETE for delete, CHANGE for overwrite? - Ravenna
  • Have the dragons flash body colors in random order. -Starheart Erdhein
  • Load Liveries via Gesture Triggers (Eg: "/123456789 custom RedFire" or "/123456789 stock Black") -Sierra Janus
  • Enable us to choose textures for a selected body part from other texture libraries for other parts, e.g. be able to choose skin textures for the armor on the legs or horns. Think it would be great to have a less limited palette of textures for smaller body parts. - Azrael Llanfair
  • Allow people to use custom textures on minor details, like the teeth and talons, and other parts where the default texture list just has "NO SUPPORT". -Mark Karlfeldt


  • Look into a possible bug in the AO that appears to keep removing the "XXX basepose vN.N - Absolute" animation from the animation list when seated on an object that is triggering it's own animations, resulting in twitches and popup when dragons use saddle vehicles, or other sitballs. - Callak Skytower
  • be able to walk and swim while in the saddle. also agree with H3thr, need to be spell fire compatable - Draig Exonar
  • Saddle where passengers are in the grasp of the Dragon's claws - Sierra Janus
    • Another idea onto this would be when the Dragon toggles the hand curling, they then drop the passenger - Sierra Janus
  • Feature rich saddle that lets you walk, swim, fly, etc. -(didn't make release)
    • Let the rider control the dragon's flight. -(didn't make release)
    • Saddles with more seats. -Stickman Ingmann
    • Option for "Saddles" that aren't actually saddles, like riding on the dragon's back or head without extra tools (Would give it a more wildish style!) - Shakeno Tomsen
      • Other saddle types with different sit positions. ;) -(didn't make release)
  • Simple sit on the head ball :) -Elendir Axon
  • Sim border crossing protection -Stickman
  • be able to walk and swim while in the saddle. - Draig Exonar
  • back saddles for juvi and adult dragons -Firegriff khandr
  • a saddle that doesn't disappear when you stand up. I can mod the current 2 seater to a one person configuration, but it keeps going poof. - Doss Goodliffe


  • Ability for script to detect changes in body positions and save the new position for when the head is lowered/raised (for those who want to adjust the position of the head -Elendir Axon
  • Custom settings for jaw rotations. (possibly an advanced setting for modders) - Rena Kuhn
  • The ability to swim at the surface of the water -Brandon Shinobu
  • Be able to swim without flying out of the water automatically. -CAD
    • A physics-overrider for proper water-based movement do this. Until we make one, I think there are generic ones on the market that might work. -Stickman Ingmann
  • Snake-like tongue flick (automatic), combined with nostril flaring. -CAD
  • Ability to stick tongue out -Cedrick
  • Mechano-dragon (steam) skin with steam breath (as opposed to fire/ice). -CAD
  • The camera override on the ancient is REALLY far back giving tunnel vision and very poor depth perception :( maybe add another over the hips higher up? -Elendir Axon
    • If Possible raise the view from the base av so we are seeing through the Dragons eyes and not through the chest region of adults/ancients -DaveB1 Ballyhoo
  • I wish to suggest an 'over the shoulder' camera lock to the adult dragon. Like the camera locks behind the head, and over the shoulders/spine? I recall something similar in the draconguard game. - Rishalou Beika
  • The ability to toggle between fireball mode and steady firebreath mode on the hud, and buttons to click on the hud to fire fireballs and firebreath instead of just resorting to mouseclick. -Azrael Llanfair
  • Nose particles. Bubbles when swimming, smoke when not. (With a HUD toggle) -(didn't make release)
    • Color options for nose particles like smoke.
  • Optional HUD toggleable particle dust and giant step sound effects on movement like walking, running, landing... specially for adult/ancient editions. Those two look really heavy, so their steps should be noticeable! - Shakeno Tomsen
    • We had originally planned something like this for walking, but had to drop it for technical reasons. Landing is possible as the avatar's state changes, but detecting when the foot hits the ground is our problem. If you can find someone who knows a way around that, we can work it in. -Stickman Ingmann
  • Button in HUD that, when activated, allows the selection of more than one (compatible) body part for livery editing. - Cedrick Oceanlane
  • Chat relay (llRegionSay and attachments, perhaps) -Verkin Raven
    • Ability to hear from the Head position instead of Avatar position, especially in Ancients. -Nekovnia Mistral
  • A posing stand! For thouse of us who spend way to much time worrying about what we look like. :) Altamar Cooperstone



  • Have a lighter texture for the armor scales that isn't inherently gray, so that colors aren't unavoidably muted by the main texture. (i.e. you can't have "white" armor because the texture for the armor is gray) - Brandon Shinobu
  • Asian/Eastern Variants - I would like to see a Head, headpiece, chest and tail variant that was of an Eastern Dragon. WOuld have whiskers for the head, enlongated, perhaps flexi. A mane, a chest without wings perhaps a bit more enlongated, a longer tail. I think it would be a popular addition. - Derin Swenson
    • Seconded, if not a whole new avatar...SL is notably lacking newer Eastern dragon avis. - Azrael Llanfair
    • Having skin overlays that match with said grayscale skins, such as the kingsnake, so that patterns could be colored separately. - Cedrick Oceanlane
    • Agreed, in fact, I have only seen one Eastern dragon avatar which turned out to be severely outdated. I would adore having this instead of improvising off of a fox avatar. - Aeyir
  • Wyvern-style dragon. Front legs double as wings. - Kira Zobel
    • Wings on front legs indeed, but still with the dragon walking on four legs (Game of Thrones like). - VindurHusbondi
  • New wing width variants or multiple wings, currant width only goes to end of rib cage. Would like to see ones that connect to hips, and possibly to the end of the tail(D&D gold dragon like). Or if possible a optional second set of wings over the hip region. SL name Indraa Miles
  • Creation of an Aquatic Dragon that does NOT resemble a land dragon. -Stymied Ennui.
  • A baby size/tiny dragon. Nachtengel Reisler&Stymied Ennui
  • hi stickman i just wanted to let you know or to ask you if there is a possibility of seeing a tiny seawolf dragon not much else to say. thanks -rush gaste


  • On the biped, make the flight wings more concave rather then flat, because when you're just hovering the wings really don't look like they hold anything up. I.E. From this | to more like this ) -Kizoku Walker
  • A female version of the biped avatar, and possibly appropriate clothing for both male and female. - Mark Karlfeldt
    • Female version of the biped avatar in referring to having a ladies' chest (would then make all this PERFECT) - Ivy Arai
      • Please DON'T - If making a specifically female version of the biped avatar, please avoid mammaries as a defining feature - Inair Karas
        • You win one free internet point. -Stickman Ingmann
    • Female version will be better, if will be different not only in chest, but less tall ( a half of head or even a bit more), with narrower shoulders and smaller foots and hands (not all can scale things by self, and yes, chest should have right proportions of it's hip/shoulders ends). This not only makes it looking more "feminine", but will better fit female animations and dances :) - Nym Rieko
  • Make the biped avatar more animation-override friendly if possible. [Chest and pelvis separation is extreme with most AOs] - Dragor Taggart
    • Convert the biped to use a three torso segment setup instead of two. -Stickman
  • A version of the Biped that takes fewer attachment slots by linking together certain parts, for example nonfly wings with chest, and tail with pelvis. (I tried doing this myself, but it caused a few problems with the HUD, mainly the textures and colors being messed up.)


  • Mane options perhaps!
    • Fur/Hair options both on the head and run all the way down the spine to the end of the tail, just like the spikes do only for HAIR! In seperate pieces too so can use either or if not desire both at once. - Ivy Arai
    • Also add furred and/or feathered skins to match. -Tanall Shippe
  • More skins with greyscale parts for tinting, like kingsnake - Ravenna Soothsayer
  • More Tail options, flexi and non, spikes fins blades [like Draco has in Dragonheart] etc. - Nekovnia Mistral
  • Curled, ram-like horns. -Kira Zobel
  • Add the headdresses the adult/ancient has over to the juvenile/biped. -Stickman
  • Add ears-only headdress -Tanall Shippe
  • Add feathered wings option for all. -Tanall Shippe
  • New Wing Texture: Hide. Something undecorated, similar perhaps to the earfins. - Selethrial Mechanique


  • Dragon eggs* -Angelique Mirajkar
  • Footprint particles tracing behind dragon. -Crimson Divine
  • Offering Battle Armour for the dragons. This is something I would be willing to pay extra for.. -Tuelly Telling
  • Would it be possible to add armor variants for the dragon? To add them as steeds or partners in a fight on RPs. (You can shoot bows from the saddle already I noticed) -Sakura Easterwood


  • More sounds, and Volume options to make it louder or quieter. Roars especially. - Nekovnia MIstral
  • Different sounds for the breath weapons, if you could a more frosty breezy sound for the ice breath. - Ashbury Haight
  • Stomp sounds when moving about, this ability should have the option to turn on and off by user. -Crimson Divine

New (Unsorted -- add requests to the bottom here)

  • I always liked the way the quadrupeds fly, however when in biped it looks very blocky and fake when they fly, is it possible to add the same fly style to the biped as the quadruped? or something similar? -Kiros Sirnah
  • Hiding places. A pile of leaves or snow you can attach to "hide" in and sneak up on people. -Stickman
  • The ability to aim our breath while flying or swimming; we're blind at the moment. -Cael Ishtari
  • plantigrade legs -Tetsuryu Vlodovic
  • torn wings - Fluffkins Nissondorf
  • A more flexible neck so you can more easily look directly at others. -Pete Rembranch
  • a more compact version of the folded wings -hibit Spad
  • Brass dragon style wings: -Crimsonheart Genji, Niccia Straaf
  • The various frills and webbings of some dragons would be awesome to have as buyable addons -Niccia Straaf
  • smaller version....tiny/mini/hatchling -Doug Tylman
  • Bone/zombie dragon -Aulderbane Toonie
  • Animated liveries, cycling color or glow, etc. Animated textures. -Aulderbane Toonie
  • Wounds (that also translate over to biped) -Fluffkins Nissondorf
  • different head sculpties... like less serpentine snakish and more maybe horse ish or viperish -Niccia Straaf
  • Quasi-biped style dragon. -Skyler Korpov
  • More smoker emitters -hibit Spad
  • an attachment with poseballs for the normal sized people to sit and lay on the dragon's back -Crimsonheart Genji
  • Ability to change the length of the tail, especially for Ancients; those things hit everything! -Cael Ishtari
  • Physics engine wings - perhaps something akin to what grendels has - iiriyuu Whybrow
  • Breathweapons - Please make it possible to toggle them on/off in the hud and not just in mouselook. Would love to see it externally and use it in photoshoots.
  • love to see you add more to the dragon or have more different types of western dragons. Like a Fire, Ice, Sand, Swamp etc.
  • I'm not sure if it's already implemented but a "reset to factory" button on the HUD or a command. This way users don't have to delete the folders and re-rez the original. - Aeriq Alenquer
  • Different particle attacks such as bubbles or electricty, for water and lightning elementals. - Drake Ukkonen
  • Would it be possible to get some simple clothes for the biped dragon? I'm always a bit worried someone is going to deem it as indecent simply cause of the lack of clothes -Anom7
  • Is it possible to make an animation for the various sizes of curling up *around* someone or something? (might also work nicely for curling up around a pile of treasure :D) -Anom7
  • Maybe center the feet (at least the back ones) more under the body? possibly more feline-ish? -Anom7
  • Are there plans for a bento remake of this avatar? Bento is much more optimized than sculpted prims! -Jolt Vehze

New Avatar Idea

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