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We have released the BVH files that are the base pose for each size of dragon. Each one is slightly different (the ancient's hip is lower in relation to everything else in the body, for example). Also, the position of the hip in space is unique for each one.

Because of the difference in skeletons, animations cannot directly be translated across from dragon to dragon with just a hip offset -- though with minor tweaking, it can be done in most cases.

It's recommended that you stretch the limbs out in your animation program so they somewhat match the dragon's skeleton. With the advanced menu open in Second Life (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D) you can toggle off volume rendering by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-9 so you can see the dragon's skeleton and make it match as close as possible in your 3D program of choice.

Alternatively, here are some BVH files which approximate the proportions of the three dragons. They were tested in an old version of Avimator, and while not perfect, should get you close enough that you can get the animations right. To use these shapes, extract them to Qavimator's data folder. Rename SLMale.bvh to SLMale.bak, and then copy the appropriate size into its place. For example, to edit an adult animation and have the figure in the general shape of the adult, copy SLMale.MD-A.bvh to SLMale.bvh, and then start Qavimator.

It's encouraged you share your animation creations with Stickman Ingmann.

Rocket City - Jungle Party

On September 15th, 2012, Rocket City introduced their new Vendor Jungle. Seawolf created some freebies for the event. The PSD of the dragon's new decal texture is available below:

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Page last modified on September 15, 2012, at 12:22 AM