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Custom Primwork

For those with modeling experience in Second Life, you can customize the look of your dragon by modifying the prims. And, because of how the liveries work, you can actually have your new pieces respond to texture and color (and etc) changes.



  • There are some free attachment slots that are essentially overlapping current parts of the dragon. By attaching new objects to the free slots they can be "linked" with the dragon parts without actually requiring you to mod the dragon itself.
    • The spine aligns with the chest piece
    • The stomach aligns with the hip/tail piece
    • The left and right hip align with the left and right upper leg.
    • The available spots on the head, minus the eyes, align with the neck and head.
    • Note that if you do use these free attachment slots, but you need them to respond to liveries, you'll have to copy the appropriate livery script into them.
  • Detaching and reattaching something too quickly will make Second Life forget the changes you made to it. I recommend waiting at least five seconds.


  • Always keep the root prim as the dragon's original root prim
  • Use specific names (listed below) for the prims you add to make the liveries affect them.
  • If you want the piece to respond to arm/wing changes and not liveries, name the arm pieces "arm" and the wing pieces "wing" and they'll turn invisible as appropriate.
    • If the piece you want this to happen with is not an arm or chest piece, put the "alpha-moderator-addon v1" script into it and it will behave as above.
  • The root prim's description contains important information about what pieces the livery should expect. If the description is lost or erased, you can use the Recovery sign left of the billboard in Aggro to get new pieces, or replace the descriptions with the one on this page.


  • If you change the name of a prim after linking it, you will need to reset the livery script for it to recount the prims.
  • If you reset scripts while the piece is attached, you must detach it and reattach it for it to work properly.
  • If you reset the livery scripts, the glow and decal alpha on the arms, wings, and jaw will assume they're set to the default green iguana livery. To ensure these are correct, it's recommended you reapply your livery after resetting the scripts.
  • Version 1.0 parts require you to reset the livery script after modifying the linkset.
  • The intended workflow is that you drop the piece on the ground, make the new prims, name them, link them keeping the dragon piece as root, and you're done. If you don't follow that order, there's more work involved.

Here is a list of prim names and root prim descriptions that the livery system makes use of.

Todo: Finish listing each bodypart out and what each livery script for that part supports. This list needs pictures to really explain it, but here's the naming scheme for liveries and what parts that piece supports:


No description required
s - skin
df - head decal
dj - jaw decal
a - face armor
y - tongue
h - horns
e - ears or fins
k - dorsal decorations
c - teeth
m - mouth
cv - lower jaw teeth (turns invisible when talking)
mv - lower jaw mouth (turns invisible when talking)

Head names to avoid:

si - eyelids. They get the skin texture, but there needs to be only two in the head linkset.
il - left eye. Only one is expected. Any more, and the saccades (eye movement) won't work properly.
ir - right eye, see above.


Note: The chest has by far the most complicated naming scheme. Tread carefully.

  • add s for shoulder
  • add u for upper arm
  • add f for forearm
  • add h for hand
  • add "l" and "r" at end for sides


  • safl : skin arm forearm left
  • dafl : decal arm forearm left
  • aahr : armor arm hand right

Part Name Dump

  • s : Skin
  • sh : skin hip (separate from tail) ***
  • si : skin eyelid (eyelids need scripting tags)
  • d : skin decals
  • dh : skin detail - hip ***
  • df : skin decal face
  • dj : skin decal jaw
  • w : wing membrane
  • wd : wing decals
  • k : spike/spine on back
  • a : armor scale
  • at : armor scale tail (texture) *** (from "dt")
  • il : Left eye ***
  • ir : Right eye ***
  • c : claw/teeth
  • h : horns
  • t : tail fin
  • e : ear fin
  • y : tongue
  • m : mouth
  • e : ear *** (different scripts in diff heads)
  • p : hand/feet pads

Invisible things:

  • sw = skin on wings
  • cw = claws on wings
  • ca = claws on arms
  • sa = skin on arms
  • da = decals on arms
  • aa = armor on arms
  • cv = lower jaw teeth
  • mv = lower jaw mouth
  • sv = lower jaw skin
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Page last modified on April 17, 2012, at 10:32 AM