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Game Over

The March screenshot contest has ended! We learned a lot of new things, and will be taking a one, probably two month vacation before having another. Summer break begins in May.

The winners were:

  1. Serceina Exonar
  2. Freya Heliosense
  3. Ty Zucker

March Screenshot Contest!

(Initial Trial Run)

Seawolf is starting up a (perhaps) bi-monthly screenshot contest! For our initial trial run this fabulous month of March, we're having a green liveries contest!

Until summer rolls around and classes get out, things are still touch-and-go, but an upcoming spring break during the third week of March lends itself a chance to try something new!


For the month of March, in honor or Saint Patrick's Day, the theme is green liveries. So pull out your HUD and see what you can do! Non-dragons are welcome to enter as well!

  • Note: The aeronautical term "livery" is used to describe the paintjob of an airplane. We use it on the Seawolf dragons to describe a dragon's coloration.

All that's required is a minimal amount of green. You can paint your toenails green and still have a valid entry for the contest. However, we encourage you to go wild!


  • First place will be your choice of a Seawolf dragon size you don't have! Already have all three? Convert a friend by force!
  • Second place will be a L$500 shopping card to BelenosStormChaser Magic's third-party Seawolf dragon accessories store!
  • Third place will be a bed of gold to rest on, from Belenos' shop.

Delivery Method

There is no entrance cost. Please only submit one entry.

Due to time and resource constraints, any submission that is not delivered in this method may be disqualified. Please ensure that you follow these rules.

1) All submissions must be SL inventory transfers given to Stickman Ingmann. You can do a person search, or check the Seawolf Avatars group, to bring up his profile. Drag the SL inventory onto his image to give it to him.

2) All submissions must be named "March Seawolf Contest - Firstname Lastname" where "Firstname Lastname" is your SL first and last name, and "March" is the appropriate contest month, in case I forget to update this for the next contest we have.

3) All submissions must be fullperm. If it is not fullperm, it will be disqualified as the other judges won't be able to see it.

If you would like to pass along extra information with your submission, please include it in the description field of the item. A notecard or IM won't be directly attached to the screenshot and thus will disjointed and lost.

Judging Criteria

A panel of judges will rate your image based on two separate criteria.

1) Content
This includes:

  • How well you matched the theme.
  • How awesome the things in the picture are.
  • How humorous or otherwise engaging the image is.

2) Composition
This includes:

  • The lighting of the shot
  • The lack of inappropriate clutter in the background
  • The angle of the shot

If your content is awesome, but your composition is awful, you will only get as much as half points. If your content is deplorable, but your composition is perfect, you will only get as much as half points. Thus, it's possible to win a contest by staging an awesome image, even if your match to the theme isn't perfect.

At some point, a tutorial on taking an awesome picture may be put online by us. For now, searching Google for tutorials on composition or cinematography may help. Please share if you find a nice one!

Things that will invalidate your entry include:

  • Photomanipulation. Except for cropping or color correction, no manipulation of the screenshot is allowed.
  • Adult themes. Excessive gore or blatant sexuality will invalidate your entry.

The default screenshot-to-inventory method uploads a 512x512 image. If you're using an external tool to crop or modify your screenshot, please upload it with the smallest dimension being no smaller than 500 pixels. If an image is too small and the details cannot be seen, it may be disqualified.

Please note that we will be using multiple judges and the above criteria, but opinions do vary, and may nudge some images above others. However, the judges will do their best to judge fairly.


The March contest deadline is Friday, March 27th, 11:59PM SL Time. No submissions will be accepted after this time. Please submit your entries early!

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