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Bodypart Table

Note: This page is for advanced customization, including writing your own scripts to interact with the livery.

This is a list of bodyparts and their identification numbers. This list does not contain the names used to identify each bodypart, as the names actually vary per-attachment. Please refer to your actual dragon for examples of what names to use on what attachment.

Please note that in this list the "most significant bit" is not used.

Jaw210x2Changes with head, but can be unlinked
Head Decal310x4 
Jaw Decal410x8Changes with head decal, but can be unlinked
Neck Decal610x20 
Body710x40Chest and hips (not tail)
Body Decal810x80 
Tail Decal1010x200 
Left Shoulder1110x400 
Left Shoulder Decal1210x800 
Left Upper Arm1310x1000 
Left Upper Arm Decal1410x2000 
Left Forearm1510x4000 
Left Forearm Decal1610x8000 
Left Hand1710x1 0000 
Left Upper Leg1810x2 0000 
Left Upper Leg Decal1910x4 0000 
Left Lower Leg2010x8 0000 
Left Lower Leg Decal2110x10 0000 
Left Foot2210x20 0000 
Right Shoulder2310x40 0000 
Right Shoulder Decal2410x80 0000 
Right Upper Arm2510x100 0000 
Right Upper Arm Decal2610x200 0000 
Right Forearm2710x400 0000 
Right Forearm Decal2810x800 0000 
Right Hand2910x1000 0000 
Right Upper Leg3010x2000 0000 
Right Upper Leg Decal3110x4000 0000 
Right Lower Leg3220x1 
Right Lower Leg Decal3320x2 
Right Foot3420x4 
Face armor3520x8 
Chest Armor3620x10(neck, chest, hip, tail)
Left Forearm Armor3720x20 
Left Hand Armor3820x40(fingers, too)
Left Upper Left Armor3920x80 
Left Lower Leg Armor4020x100 
Left Foot Armor4120x200 
Right Forearm Armor4220x400 
Right Hand Armor4320x800 
Right Upper Left Armor4420x1000 
Right Lower Leg Armor4520x2000 
Right Foot Armor4620x4000 
Left Hand Pads4720x8000 
Right Hand Pads4820x1 0000 
Left Foot Pads4920x2 0000 
Right Foot Pads5020x4 0000 
Left Wing Arm5120x8 0000 
Left Wing Membrane5220x10 0000 
Left Wing Membrane Decal5320x20 0000 
Right Wing Arm5420x40 0000 
Right Wing Membrane5520x80 0000 
Right Wing Membrane Decal5620x100 0000 
Left Hand Claws5720x200 0000No texture change supported in livery
Left Foot Claws5820x400 0000No texture change supported in livery
Left Wing Claws5920x800 0000No texture change supported in livery
Right Hand Claws6020x1000 0000No texture change supported in livery
Right Foot Claws6120x2000 0000No texture change supported in livery
Right Wing Claws6220x4000 0000No texture change supported in livery
Teeth6330x1No texture change supported in livery
Tongue6430x2No texture change supported in livery
Mouth6530x4No texture change supported in livery
Head Horns6630x8 
Ears/Fins6730x10No texture change supported in livery, changes with skin button.
Back spikes/etc6830x20 
Left Eye6930x40 
Right Eye7030x80 
Left Forearm Horns7130x100Uses horn texture (and only texture) (unused)
Right Forearm Horns7230x200Uses horn texture (and only texture) (unused)
Left Foot Horns7330x400Uses horn texture (and only texture) (unused)
Right Foot Horns7430x800Uses horn texture (and only texture) (unused)
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Page last modified on April 17, 2012, at 10:32 AM