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Tetra 35 Modding

D. Modding

This section describes modding features specific to the Tetra. I've left the Tetra moddable and provided the PSD templates as a convenience. I cannot provide training on the use of SL's own modeler or texture programs.

First, if you're interested at all in making your own textures for the Tetra, you can find the PSD templates here:

These templates are layered, with things like shading detail on seperate layers so you can paint what you like without dealing with stuff like shading and shine.

The Tetra uses a drag and drop texture system for both the vehicle shell and the attachment. I strongly recommend you activate "Highlight Transparent" in the View menu (or alt-ctrl-t) so you don't drag a texture into the wrong geometry.

Most importantly, make backups of your work! Make backups of your textures if you're painting them, make backups of the shell, and make backups of the attachment. The Tetra is copyable for many reasons, including this!

Changing the Sails

The thing to remember about the Tetra is that it comes in two parts, and that the mooring display of sails will be different than the vehicle display of sails. However, there's a way to texture both at the same time without having both pieces rezzed.

First, rez "Tetra 35 v1.0 Vehicle". If the sails don't show up, board as a helmsman and type "dry" into chat. After a few seconds the sails should display. You're probably going to want "highlight transparent" turned on (View -> Highlight Transparent) so you don't accidentally drag a mainsail prim into the invisible spinnaker prims. Speaking of which, touch the spinnaker prims with highlight transparent turned on to display those.

While still sitting in the helmsman spot, wear "Tetra 35 v1.0 Attach". Now, when you change the sails, the attachment will read the new textures and properly display them when it's rezzed seperately for mooring.

New sail textures must be fullperm to display on the boat. To change the sail textures, ctrl-drag the new texture from inventory If you want to change the texture afterwards, you must go into the sail prim's inventory and delete the texture you dropped (this will revert the sail back to the stock display).

Changing the Hull

The hull textures are changed with the attachment rezzed by itself, without the reflection detail object activated. Like the sails, you ctrl-drag the new texture into the hull's inventory. The transom is slightly different. For that surface, you don't hold down ctrl when you drag the texture onto it.

DON'T WORRY if the hull pieces rip a little! This is a VERY STRANGE bug in SL and the pieces will revert themselves back to normal when the boat is taken back into inventory to be rezzed or worn again.

The trailing edges of the keel and rudder are manually colored surfaces and aren't textures. These can be changed through Second Life's own editor.

Included Textures

You'll find stock textures sorted under Textures_Tetra35, which came with the package. These include various colorations of the stock theme, and several colorations of a couple different styles of hull paintjobs.

unfinished Sailboats Tetra 35

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Page last modified on February 19, 2008, at 06:42 AM