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Go to View -> Highlight Transparent to see the sit target they're currently using and edit it's position relative to the vehicle with "Edit Linked" selected in the editor. Selecting "Highlight Transparent" again in the menu will shut the visibility of invisible prims off again. Be sure to save a copy of the modded vehicle object so you don't lose your changes! (Reword above and provide pictures)


PSD Template Links: Boat Name: Boat Registration:

IMPORTANT: CHANGES MADE TO THE BOAT MUST BE SAVED INTO THE VEHICLE'S INVENTORY, OR THEY WILL BE LOST. The SW 320 achieves it's auto-attachment capability through rezzing the boat's visuals from it's contents. To have your changes to the boat appear via this auto-attachment system you must save the new, modified copy of your boat in the vehicle's inventory. Here's how to do it:

  1. Rez the boat and make the changes you want. You may want to de-rez the shimmer object if it's rezzed so you can select the boat's hull. You can do this by clicking on the boat, selecting "Rez Extras" and clicking on the Shimmer button.
  2. Right click on the boat and select "Take" from the menu. Make sure you haven't selected the shimmer object, the vehicle itself (with all the little arrows), the fenders, or the reflection object. Just the boat itself. Don't worry if a new copy of the boat suddenly rezzes in place with your changes lost! Your modified boat is safe in your inventory. The inventory item you saved will be called "SW-320 Detail Attachment". It must be named this.
  3. In the inventory of your boat in-world, delete the item "SW-320 Detail Attachment" and replace it with the new one in your inventory. Be sure to save a copy of the vehicle object with your new detail attachment inside. To make selecting the vehicle object easier, touch the boat and select "show seats", the vehicle object is the one with all the sit arrows. Note the Detail Attachment goes in the root inventory of this, don't have "Edit Linked Parts" selected. Feel free to rename the vehicle object itself so you can tell it apart in your inventory.

Please note that modding the rezzable items requires the same process, such as if you want to change the color of the fenders, or matching the reflection object with the hull.

Wait, why do you need to do all this just to modify the look of the boat? The reason for this is the auto-attachment system which rezzes the boat and staples it to your bum. Physics-enabled vehicles are, as of this writing, limited to 31 prim objects minus one prim per person riding the object. However, clothing objects are limited to 255 prims per attachment, so the trick is that you're sitting on the physics object and wearing the rest of the boat around you, so the illusion is that you're driving around a boat that's far more than 255 prims. This lets designers create much nicer looking vehicles which maintain their physical properties. This is all find and dandy, but it gets annoying digging into your inventory to wear the vehicle whenever you ride it, so we made a system which automatically rezzes the part that's worn and attaches it to you when you drive the boat. The caveat is that this worn object has to be spawned from the vehicle's inventory each time, so if you make changes to the object when it's rezzed in the world, those changes will be lost unless you replace the stock object in the vehicle's inventory with your new modified one. From then on you can use the boat to your heart's content and all your changes will show up every time. :)

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