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SW-320 v1.0

Released: January, 2007
Permissions: Copy/Mod/NoTrans
Prims: 276 Prims for the SW-320, 276 prims for the SW-319 (without the reflection object)


  • Verkin Raven (Models, Textures, Sounds, Documentation)
  • Stickman Ingmann (Scripting, Animations)

Notes: The information in this document also applies to the SW-319, packaged with the SW-320. (The only difference is the swept forward spoiler design on the SW-319.)



Eighteen total seats, and fourteen seats at any given time while driving. All the poses are custom, and since this boat is mod, it's easy enough to tweak the sit points to fit your specific avatar size. I'd recommend visiting our display model in-world and trying the poses out. The poses are quite relaxing. Our favorite is the spot on the passenger seat with the legs up on the platform between the windows.

The sit targets are clickable arrows which appear when "show seats" is activated in the menu (for the driver) or when the boat is touched (by passengers). Passenger seats are blue, and the driver's seat is red. These will fade out by themselves after 30 seconds. They can be locked (so both nobody can sit and no random person can make the sit targets appear), and as usual you can kick unwanted passengers off.

Also, since the visual boat is an attachment while driving, it's pretty difficult for random people to stop you in place via right click, since the physical vehicle object is small and invisible.


The SW 320 and it's accessories are all checked mod. Move some poses around, change some colors, maybe make the windshield framework dark gray instead of silver... it's your ship, so have at! There's one aspect of moddability we really built the ship around, and that's the huge number of potential paintjob combinations by tinting pieces of the hull. For instance, you can have a dark blue stripe lined with silver trim, or you can paint the trim dark blue and leave the hull white. Actually, it's easier to demonstrate with pictures:

While all of these colorations are actually included in the package, it should give you some idea of what's possible with color tint.

In addition to this, the SWC3 Modding page has links to PSD templates for the ship's registration (on the bow) and for the name in back. You'll be able to name the ship while retaining the shading and detail on that surface, since the template is layered. Please note that this requires an image manipulation program that can read PSD files such as Photoshop, Painter, PaintShopPro, and the free Gimp, and knowledge of how to use the program. We provide the templates, but offer no support in using them beyond this wiki.

There is also a flag located on the side toward the rear, defaulted to the Seawolf logo. This has a dialog touch menu with a couple pages of national flags.


The SWC 320 has three doors, a forward hatch, and a removable center window, which all operate on click, with sound. Animated rocker switches toggle rear deck floodlighting, navigational lights, and optional navigational light particles. When the nav lights are on, the console instruments are backlit (texture change and fullbright toggle on the instrument face). A switch just inside the cabin door toggles cabin lighting, which appear in the bathroom, main area, and over the bed. Note that when cabin lighting is on, the exterior surface of the porthole windows along the hull will glow. Also, the horns can blast by touching the horns themselves or the center of the steering wheel.

All of this clickables works on the display model inworld, so feel free to hop in and give it a try.


Via the dialog menu you can rez fenders, a shimmering water effect for the lower hull, and the artificial reflection object for you folk who either don't have windlight, or want a more potent reflection in windlight. :)

Note: It's best to rez these only after positioning the boat for mooring, not before. If a rezzable item gets out of place, you can toggle it on and off through the menu.

Oh, and it drives, too.

Cruise control, "move only when held" FPS-style throttle, banking turns, bow raises in proportion to speed (when you're going fast enough to get on the step), particle rooster tails, and wake effects which we haven't had to tune since 2005 since we got it right the first time. If you turn hard while driving fast, the boat will throw water outward as the emitter changes direction and effects. The engine sound consists of five rpm steps from the same sample.

Mentionable Semi-Features

  • Our coast guard plate from the 2005 SW-150 makes a return with a new set of numbers. This plate is similar to those installed in real U.S. boats and indicate various capacities. This one is installed below the throttle. I'm pretty sure only hardcore motorboat nuts would care about this. ;)
  • A lot of geometry casts basic shadows, which are drawn on the textures. On the SW-320, the spoiler casts a shadow across the seat, table and deck. Even the trim along the outside of the hull occludes a little bit of sunlight.
  • Friction pads of various types are laid from pulpit to stern to give the boat some texture and to keep you from slipping. These were darkened so they still show up through Windlight's effects.
  • Most surfaces have at least a little bit of texture definition and gradient, since hey, completely untextured prims are kinda boring.

Dialog Menu Options

Put all the dialog menu options here with screenshots

Chat Commands

Type these commands into the chat window to use them. Chat commands are case-insensitive.

  • /Start - Starts the boat's engine so it can move.
  • /Stop - Stops the boat's engine and prevents it from moving.
  • PH - Turns the boat phantom. Please see Phantom Vehicles for information on how to use phantom mode.
  • Help - Displays the following help text in chat:
    SWC Control List -----
    '/start' '/stop' = Starts and stops the engine.
    W = Increase throttle
    S = Decrease throttle
    A = Turn left
    D = Turn right
    --- In FPS Throttle mode:
    C = Decrease max throttle by 10%
    E = Increase max throttle by 10%
    --- In Cruise Throttle mode:
    C = Cut throttle to 0%
    E = Set throttle to 100%
    Left click off the boat to make it jump to avoid obstacles.
    'ph' = Toggles phantom mode.
    'hud off' 'hud on' 'tog hud' = Toggles HUD.
    'lock' = Prevent people from sitting.
    'kick name' = Kick someone out.
    'guest name' = Allow guest to drive.
    'eject guest' = Unseats the guest and removes access.
    See sheet to the left on the console or type 'help notecard'
     for a full explaination of these commands.
    Left click on the boat for the options menu.
  • Help Notecard - Dispenses a notecard containing the boat's manual.
  • Tog Sound - Toggles the boat's sound on or off.
  • Tog Particles - Toggles the boat's particles on or off.
  • Tog Throttle - Toggles between FPS and Cruise throttle modes. Please see Boat Controls for more information.
  • Menu - Activates the dialog touch menu without touching the boat.
  • Ref or NoRef - Turns the moored reflection object on or off.
  • 1-9 and 0 - Changes the throttle percentage in FPS throttle mode. 1-9 is 10-90%, and 0 is 100%. Type the number on a line alone into chat and press enter to say it.
  • Beacon - The boat will send your an IM if it's been sitting in the world for a certain number of hours. This is so you can clean up lost copies of the boat. The Beacon command, combined with one of the suffixes below, modifies or displays the behavior of the recovery beacon. Use the command by tacking on one of the suffix commands below, such as Beacon Status to show the current status of the recovery beacon. Default behavior is on, with a 12 hour interval.
    • On, Off, Tog - Toggles the beacon on or off.
    • Status - Displays the current status of the beacon.
    • Interval # - Where "#" is the number of hours between IMs the beacon will send out.
  • Kick "passenger name" - Kicks out the passenger if you don't want them riding anymore. You don't need to type their full name, just the first letter will work. For example, to kick out "Stickman Ingmann" you can simply type "kick s".
  • Lock and Unlock - Locks or unlocks the boat so new passengers are or are not allowed to sit down.
  • Show and Hide - Shows or hides the sit targets.

Boats > SWC3

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