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As seen in the beginning of the SL Sony Ericsson commercial.

SWC v3.5

Updated: January 30, 2007
Permissions: copy/nomod/notrans

  • Verkin Raven - Modeling, Texturing, Sounds, Scripting
  • Stickman Ingmann - Scripting, Animation

The SWC is a hybrid of cabin cruiser and speedboat. Primarily, I built this to have a livable, drivable boat with lots of seating, yet still be small enough to navigate most of SL's waterways. This was a fun boat to model and texture, and I'm thrilled to have it so functional. Have fun!

v3.5 Engine Changes

  • Fixed a bug introduced by an official client release of SL where a boat owner typing a 1024 character line in the local presence of their boats caused them to break.
  • Boat now only seeks water if it's 10m above the surface or lower.
  • Steering mirrors properly in reverse. If you hold down a directional key and go forward and backward, the boat will draw a "C" instead of an "S".
  • Activation and deactivation of the throttle noises now transition with a fade.
  • Added automated attachment system, which allows higher prim limits for builds. Settings located on the extra detail (such as lights) remain consistent between moored and driving modes. The attachment part will properly follow the shell if the shell is moved and rotated. In the SWC's case, it depends on this system to render itself.
  • Added a few new sounds for some of the new toys.
  • Added a three tier lighting system.
  • Added an option to spawn a reflection when moored. The reflection will despawn automatically if the moored boat is at an odd angle or not sitting in the water.
  • Added a flex flag with a few country presets and the ability to change it to any texture. Touch the flag itself for the menu.
  • Added toggleable canopy rigging.



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Feature List

  • High detail model with full physics based on the SW v3.1 engine (behaves like an SW-150). This is based on an automated avatar attachment system that renders all the detail while keeping the boat's collision shell below the physics limit. Collision is accurate.
  • Seats ten. Yes, at the same time. Anybody can choose where they want to sit, they just have right click and sit on the lower cushion or friction pad of their choice. There's even a sit target for the bowsprit. Not entirely safe, but hey... no way I could release this thing without letting someone sit up there. :> Note that there aren't any pose balls floating around. Just right click and hit sit on the seats themselves.
  • Configurable options are accessed through the touch menu. Or just type "menu" in chat.
  • The boat emits realistic & pleasant sounds, engineered not to "pop" loudly:
    • Ignition
    • Idle
    • Engine low range
    • Engine high range
    • Splash for landing in the water after being airborne.
    • Door
    • Light switch
    • Canopy toggle
    • Moored hull water slosh
  • Kick any unwanted passengers and lock out the boat to prevent others from getting on. You can lock the boat with any amount of avatars already seated without disturbing them.
  • Toggle between two throttle modes:
    • FPS Style: Hold down a throttle key to move, release it to stop. You can configure the throttle percentage applied to this style in increments of 10%.
    • Cruise Style: For hands-off driving, the throttle is more refined and lets you take long cruises without perpetually holding a key down.
  • The bow rises in proportion to speed, which also increases wave turbulence. At the highest speeds the boat will begin to skip, causing an extra splash each time the hull comes back into the water. The "hull landing" effect includes an audio and visual splash effect. This simulates having the trim set too high, but your boat isn't in danger of flipping over. :>
  • The splash effects are realistic and believable. You get churning wake that arrows out, the shallow rooster tail from the boat's jet tube, and hull landing splash. If you turn sharply at high speed, the outside wake particle generator will spray outwards, simulating a displacement that has the potential to soak anybody unlucky enough standing on a dock or beach. The particles are efficient and do not depend on excessive count or lingering to achieve their effect.
  • A configurable instant-messaging "beacon" helps you find your boat in case you lose it. This is based off Cubey Terra's open source vehicle beacon script.
  • You can toggle "phantom" mode so the boat's hull clips with objects. This is useful for navigating littered waterways without getting caught on some random invisible prim.
  • Third person view is followcam style, so even though this boat skips, the screen won't be jerking all over the place.
  • The canopy can be toggled between packed, unpacked, and completely hidden. The center window can be toggled to hide.
  • The cabin door slides on touch. Average size avatars or smaller can actually wander in and out of the cabin. The bow seating holds three avatars.
  • Toggle cabin lighting, navigation lighting, and the headlight separately. These use local lighting effects. The headlight has an invisible local lighting presence ahead of the boat which will light up geometry as you draw the bow across it.
  • The texture on the flag is changeable by selecting (Flag) under (Options) in the menu and entering the UUID of the desired texture in chat.
  • The boat is sold in a package containing three colors: Royal Blue, Dark Green, and Maroon
  • All future updates to this boat are free.

Dialog Touch Menu

This section needs lots of screenshots

Touch the boat to bring up the menu.

(Readme) - Gives you this document.

(Throttle) - This toggles between the two throttle modes.

FPS Style: Hold down forward or reverse to move, release to stop. You can adjust the percentage of throttle given in this mode by typing a number (1 = 10%, 2 = 20%, etc.) in chat, or selecting it from the menu option "Throttle" which appears only when this mode is activated. Please note that for the boat to skip, it needs to be at 80% throttle or higher.

Cruise Style: This is for hands-off driving, where the boat drives itself without need for you to hold down any keys. Tap forward to increase the throttle in increments. Tap down to decrease the throttle. Pressing the C or "Duck" key will cut the throttle.

(Max Speed) - Alternative way to toggle the maximum speed setting for FPS mode.

(Kick) - This will bring up a sub-menu where each passenger in the boat is listed as a button. Clicking on an avatar's button in this menu will kick them off the boat.

(Lock) - This will prevent avatars from boarding the boat. If you have passengers already seated when you enable Lock, they will remain seated, but cannot resit if they unsit until you unlock the boat. This is a toggle button.

(Phantom) - Toggles phantom mode, where the boat's geometry will not collide with prims. This is useful for getting unstuck on a littered waterway.

(Options) -> (Particles) - Toggles the water effects on and off.

(Options) -> (Sounds) - Toggles the playing of all the boat's sound effects on and off.

(Options) -> (Mini HUD) - Toggles the small information display on and off. This hovers over the steering wheel.

(Options) -> (Beacon) - Configure the behavior of the boat's instant messaging locater device. "Toggle" shuts it on and off, "Interval" lets you select how many hours between messages it sends, and "Status" summarizes the configuration. By default this is on, and set to 12 hours.

(Options) -> (Reflection) - Toggles whether or not the boat's reflection appears while it's moored.

(Options) -> (Canopy) - Lets you choose how the boat's canopy is displayed. You can have it packed up, unfurled, or hidden entirely to give the boat a sleeker look.

(Options) -> (Lights) - Toggle three separate sets of lights on and off. (Headlight) will toggle the headlight beam and local lighting presence ahead of the beam. (Navigation) toggles the red, green, white, and tail lights. (Cabin) will toggle the interior lighting.

Chat Commands

  • /Start
  • /Stop
  • Help
  • PH
  • Help Notecard
  • Tog Sound
  • Tog Particles
  • Tog Throttle
  • HUD Off, HUD On, or Tog HUD
  • Menu
  • Lightnav
  • Lightcabin
  • Lightheadlight
  • Tog Reflect
  • Beacon off on tog interval # status
  • Kick
  • Lock and Unlock
  • 1-9 and 0

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