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SW-65 v3.0

The SW-65 is a small, speedy split-console runabout that seats four, two in lounging position in the bow. Similar in function to the SW-100, this boat is smaller and has classic styling.

Released: June 2, 2006
Permissions: nomod/copy/notrans

  • Verkin Raven - Modeling, Texturing, Scripting
  • Stickman Ingmann - Scripting, Animation
  • Solar Ixtab - Scripting, Modeling


You can toggle the center window on and off by clicking on it.


The SW-65 is available in the following colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

To see these colors, please check the SW-65 Screenshots page.

These can be changed on command by typing "color <colorname>" into chat, like "color blue", or by clicking through the dialog menu.


  • Every configurable option is accessed through the touch menu.
  • You get 6 colors to choose from at command. This features full texture swaps, for a much sharper look than what a simple prim color change can achieve.
  • The boat emits realistic & pleasant sounds, engineered not to "pop" loudly:
    • Ignition
    • Idle
    • Engine low range
    • Engine high range
    • Splash for landing in the water after being airborne.
  • The menu-driven guesting enables you to let friends drive, without needing to type out their names.
  • Kick any unwanted passengers and lock out the boat to prevent others from getting on.
  • Toggle between two throttle modes:
    • FPS Style: Hold down a throttle key to move, release it to stop. You can configure the throttle percentage applied to this style in increments of 10%.
    • Cruise Style: For hands-off driving, the throttle is more refined and lets you take long cruises without perpetually holding a key down.
  • The bow rises in proportion to speed, which also increases wave turbulence. At the highest speeds the boat will begin to skip subtley, causing an extra splash each time the hull comes back into the water. The "hull landing" effect includes an audio and visual splash effect. This simulates having the trim set too high.
  • The splash effects are realistic and believable. You get churning wake that arrows out, the shallow roostertail from the boat's jet tube, and hull landing splash. If you turn sharply at high speed, the outside wake particle generator will spray outwards, simulating a displacement that has the potential to soak anybody unlucky enough standing on a dock or beach. The particles are efficient and do not depend on excessive count or lingering to achieve their effect.
  • A configurable instant-messaging "beacon" helps you find your boat in case you lose it. This is based off Cubey Terra's open source vehicle beacon script.
  • You can toggle "phantom" mode so the boat's hull clips with objects. This is useful for navigating littered waterways.
  • Third person view is followcam style, so even though this boat skips, the screen won't be jerking all over the place.
  • The boat seeks water when rezzed, unless it's over 10m above the water. This is so you don't rez it in the sky and lose it as it jumps to ground level.
  • All updates to this boat are free.

Dialog Menu Options

Touch the boat to bring up the dialog menu.

This needs pictures

(Readme) - Gives you this document.

(Throttle) - This toggles between the two throttle modes.

FPS Style: Hold down forward or reverse to move, release to stop. You can adjust the percentage of throttle given in this mode by typing a number (1 = 10%, 2 = 20%, etc.) in chat, or selecting it from the menu option "Throttle" which appears only when this mode is activated. Please note that for the boat to skip, it needs to be at 80% throttle or higher.

Cruise Style: This is for hands-off driving, where the boat drives itself without need for you to hold down any keys. Tap forward to increase the throttle in increments. Tap down to decrease the throttle. Pressing the C or "Duck" key will cut the throttle.

(Kick) - This will bring up a sub-menu where each passenger in the boat is listed as a button. Clicking on an avatar's button in this menu will kick them off the boat.

(Lock) - This will prevent avatars from boarding the boat. If you have passengers already seated when you enable Lock, they will remain seated, but cannot resit if they unsit until you unlock the boat. This is a toggle button.

(Guest) - Brings up a sub-menu with all detected local avatar's names as button. Clicking on a name will enable that person to drive your boat. If they unseat, the boat will delete itself after 20 seconds. They get a limited version of the options menu. You can revoke guest privileges by selecting "No Guest" under the guest submenu. This will kick the guest off.

(Color) - All 8 colors can be accessed here.

(Options) -> (Particles) - Toggles the water effects on and off.

(Options) -> (Sounds) - Toggles the playing of all the boat's sound effects on and off.

(Options) -> (Mini HUD) - Toggles the small information display on and off. This hovers over the steering wheel.

(Options) -> (Beacon) - Configure the behavior of the boat's instant messaging locator device. "Toggle" shuts it on and off, "Interval" lets you select how many hours between messages it sends, and "Status" summarizes the configuration. By default this is on, and set to 12 hours.

Chat Commands

Type these commands in chat to activate. They are case-insensitive.

  • /Start
  • /Stop
  • PH
  • Help
  • Help Notecard
  • Tog Sound
  • Color "color" to change the paintjob, where "color" can be, without quotes:
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
  • HUD Off, HUD On, or Tog HUD'
  • Menu
  • 1-9, and 0
  • Beacon status, interval #, on, toggle, off
  • Guest
  • Kick
  • Eject Guest
  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • Capsize

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