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Cobra G 2

Cobra G2 v3.5

The Cobra G2 was one of the original releases of Seawolf Marine back in 2005 that were taken off the market after the SW series was released. Later, it was given updated scripting and released as a low-features economy boat.

Released: January, 2007
Permissions: Copy/NoMod/NoTrans

  • Verkin Raven (Models, Textures, Sounds, Documentation)
  • Stickman Ingmann (Scripting, Animations)


Just hop in and go! This boat is great for those of you who just want a cute little boat to putter around SL's many waterways. The Cobra G2 is a little slower than our other boats, so it's easier to control. Its purpose is to be easy to use and easy to buy. Both purposes are achieved by removing unnecessary features.


The Cobra G2 is available in the following colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink

Please check the Cobra G2 Screenshots page to see these color schemes.

When you purchase a Cobra G2 you are given seven copies, one in each color.

Feature List

  • The boat handles smoothly and naturally.
  • As you're driving, the bow rises in proportion to speed and twitches up and down realistically for SL's ripply water.
  • When you drive in reverse, the steering mirrors properly, as it would be expected.
  • The boat doesn't turn as fast when it's slow/stopped, per realism.
  • While you're running along, the boat emits realistic wake effects and a rooster tail. The prop spins, too.
  • Uses several high quality sounds: Starter, Idle, Low RPM, High RPM.
  • The driver is animated to hold on to the steering wheel and turn left and right when you turn the boat.
  • If you get a passenger riding along you don't want, you can have them kicked off.
  • The boat seeks water level automatically when it's rezzed, so it's not just floating around until you drive it.
  • Check the Feature Comparison Table to compare this boat's main features against the other boats.

Dialog Commands

The Cobra G2 does not support clicking on the boat to bring up a dialog menu.

Chat Commands

Type these commands in chat to use them. Chat commands are case-insensitive.

  • PH - Toggles phantom mode, which lets the boat clip through objects. Note that the avatars themselves cannot clip. For more details, please check the Phantom Vehicles general support page.
  • Kick "passenger name" - Kicks out the passenger if you don't want them riding anymore. You don't need to type their full name, just the first letter will work. For example, to kick out "Stickman Ingmann" you can simply type "kick s".
  • Help - Type this to have the boat speak its basic commands. The Cobra G2 v3.5 will output:
    Cobra G2 Control List -----
    W = Increase throttle
    S = Decrease throttle
    A = Turn left
    D = Turn right
    C = Decrease max throttle by 10%
    E = Increase max throttle by 10%
    Left click off the boat to make it jump to avoid obstacles.
    'ph' = Toggles phantom mode.
    'hud off' 'hud on' 'tog hud' = Toggles HUD.
    'kick name' = Kick someone out.
  • Help Notecard - Gives you a copy of the boat's manual in a notecard.
  • HUD Off, HUD On, or HUD Tog - Toggles the mini-HUD that floats over the steering wheel on and off. This is used so you can see the boat's status while in mouselook.
  • Beacon - The boat will send your an IM if it's been sitting in the world for a certain number of hours. This is so you can clean up lost copies of the boat. The Beacon command, combined with one of the suffixes below, modifies or displays the behavior of the recovery beacon. Use the command by tacking on one of the suffix commands below, such as Beacon Status to show the current status of the recovery beacon. Default behavior is on, with a 12 hour interval.
    • On, Off, Tog - Toggles the beacon on or off.
    • Status - Displays the current status of the beacon.
    • Interval # - Where "#" is the number of hours between IMs the beacon will send out.

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