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Boat Controls

Seawolf powerboats have two control modes called "FPS Throttle" and "Cruise Throttle." FPS mode will slow to a stop as soon as you stop pressing forward, but cruise mode will continue forward until you tell it to stop, much like a real boat. The default mode is FPS Throttle.

Universal Controls

Left Click On Boat

Left click on the boat at any time to open the dialog menu. Each boat has a unique dialog menu which is explained in their individual manuals.

The Cobra G2 is the only Seawolf boat that does not have a dialog menu.

Left Click Off Boat

Left click off the boat to make it bounce upward. This is useful for avoiding obstacles that have been placed across waterways.

Tapping jump repeatably will make the boat go higher.

Tapping it very much will send you exceptionally high, which is good for clearing those pesky mountains that get in your way.

Note: Add universal spoken commands, like ph, and mention which boats use "Capsize"

Note: add image for skipping, list boats that support it

Skipping Boats that support skipping must be at 80% throttle or higher for skipping to work.

FPS Throttle Mode

FPS mode is designed to be close to the normal walking controls. This is the default mode.

FPS Controls:

Hold forward to move forward. Let go to quickly slow to a stop.

Hold reverse to move backwards. Let go to quickly slow to a stop.

If you need to move more slowly, press the maximum speed -10% a few times to limit your maximum throttle. This will decrease your maximum speed when using the forward button. A message will appear in the chat window saying what percentage the throttle has been limited to. The default setting is 70%.

Conversely, tap the maximum speed +10% to increase your maximum speed.

The Cobra G2 supports only the FPS throttle mode.

The Tetra 35 does not support the FPS throttle mode.

Note: there is a Known Bug in all powerboats but the SWC3 where 40% throttle is actually the maximum speed. Setting it higher than 40% will not make you go faster.

Alternate FPS Controls:

Cruise Throttle Mode

Cruise mode allowed you to drive the boat with your hands free.

Cruise Controls:

Tap forward to begin moving slowly. Hold it down for a short period or tap it a few times to move faster. The boat will not slow to a stop when you release the forward button.

To jump immediately to maximum speed, press the full throttle button.

To stop the boat, you can hold slow/reverse until the boat stops. The fastest way to stop is to use the full stop key rather than hold reverse.

Cruise throttle mode is the default and only motor mode for the Tetra 35 sailboat, though the engine is less powerful than our powerboats and primarily intended for docking purposes.

The Cobra G2 does not support Cruise throttle mode.

Alternate Cruise Controls:

unfinished Powerboats Tetra 35 SWC3 SWC SW-750 SW-150 SW-100 SW-65 Cobra G2

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